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December 5, 2007

Let there be light!

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I love the holidays.

My joy starts about September when I can start decorating the outside of the house with Fall things. I have lots of fall decorations, wreaths, candles, etc. When it gets to Halloween, I put up cobwebs and big spiders. There are hay bales with lots of pumpkins on our front porch. There are scarecrows and ghosts throughout the house. And then at Thanksgiving, we just add turkeys and Pilgrim hats. The brining of the turkey, the meal planning, the smells – it all makes me happy. But that is nothing compared to Christmas.


The minute Thanksgiving is over, I kick it into gear and take down about 20 boxes of decorations from the loft. There might be more, but I stopped counting. Every corner of our house has something holiday-ish in it. My sister likes to say that “it looks like Santa Claus barfed all over my house”.  However, I love it.   The banister is wrapped in red ribbon like a candy cane. The front porch has HUGE poinsettias on either side of our door that boasts a HUGE wreath. The icicle lights are hung, and so are the special lights I have around the house.  And of course there is the nativity placed in a special spot.

We have lots of handmade decorations given to us by great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and even our kids. Our most prized decorations are the handmade stockings from grandma…. it’s a special design that only the women of the family know, and each family member has one.

And then there is the tree. The tree is the only source of stress out of the whole entire holiday season. I love to get it early. Dec 1st is my ideal date. My husband couldn’t care less if we got it the week before. It doesn’t seem like a big deal until you take into account ‘my light strategy’. I like a lot of lights. No that is not true. I like an obscene amount of lights on my tree. I love it to sparkle.

And I don’t just drape them on there like someone put the tree on a lazy susan and strung the lights while spinning it. I weave it in & out of each branch so that the strings can’t be seen… and that every nook gets a light.

So far I have about 10 strings of light on my tree… and I am only 1/2 to 2/3 of the way done. It’s taken me about 4 hours so far. Thus, that amount of effort is not worth getting a tree a week before. If you are going to put in the time, you need to start early.

This year my husband was on board. We hung the outdoor lights the weekend after Thanksgiving. I even bought a new timer so that they come on automatically at 5:00… right before it gets dark. And turns off at 11:00, right after I go to bed. I actually am so excited everyday at 4:50 that I wait to watch them turn on. That is how much I love them.

AND, Nathan even went with us on Dec 1st to get a tree. It was a new record in our house. The boys picked the tree themselves, and even hung the star.  But that is not the thing that pleases me the most during this holiday decoration process.

The thing that makes me skip for joy every day is my remote controlled Christmas Tree light switch. Yup, you read right. I have a clicker to turn on my Christmas Tree. I no longer have to climb behind it to get to the plug. I don’t have to get dirty from the sap, or tree branches. I just take my little clicker and press ‘on’… and voila…. let there be light.

I only have the tree 1/2 done with lights, but I must have used that thing about 10 times already. Completely worth the $9.99 at Target. Merry Christmas to me.


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