Mountain View Mommy: Sand, Trucks and Testosterone

December 2, 2007


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My kids are lucky enough to still have 3 great-grandparents around. Two of these, they see on a monthly basis, if not more. They love them dearly, and it goes both ways. Great-grandparents are the most special gift to a child. They are so far removed from having kids of their own, that they spoil them mercilessly.

They are also the WORST offenders of breaking parenting rules. THE ABSOLUTE WORST. And they show NO guilt. Why? Because they are going to die soon, and that is their right in their final years. If you think I am making this up and those are my words… then you are wrong Those were the words of Great-Grandma-Omi about a year ago.

At that time she had been trying to push cookies on my kids every moment that she visited. I had been limiting it to after meals, and only if they ate a decent meal. This time, she showed up at 9:30 in the morning and said that “she was giving my kids these cookies and she didn’t care what I said. It was her right as a great-grandma. And that every-time going forward she would be bringing cookies too. Period.”

I have to say, being given an ultimatum like that about made me un-glued. I am not good with ultimatums. It went badly. But we have worked out a nice medium ground that we are both comfortable with over the years.

Today we went to visit Great-Grandparents Omi & Opa and had lunch out at a restaurant. Believe me this is no small event. They don’t eat out much, so the restaurant we drove to was closed & had been for over a year. Thus we settled for the restaurant that had taken it’s place: Wipe Out. The name says it all.

As usual, every kid’s meal came with french fries. I don’t mind this. I know it’s okay for special occasions and so I don’t make a stink. However, when Justin refused to eat any of the food he ordered because he only wanted french fries… I put my foot down. Thus commenced the battle between bites of quesadilla and bites of french fries. At one point Omi tried to convince me that french fries were ‘healthy’. I am not kidding you. Those words came out of her mouth, along with further explanations about potatoes & such. I stared at her, and shook my head. Only a great-grandmother.

At one point, I took the plate away when he started spitting out the quesadilla and trying to swipe french fries off of Opa’s plate. Mind you, Opa was not stopping him. And at the same time, Omi was telling me the ‘quesadilla was too hard for him to chew’. Oh for goodness sakes, the guy has a full set of teeth and eats nuts. I think he can chew a tortilla and cheese.

After lunch we walked around the park to see the ducks, when I noticed one of the kids had something in his hand. It was too far away to see what it was, and I assumed it was food for the ducks. OH NO… it was contraband from lunch. Opa had wrapped up french fries to take home, and gave it to him on his walk when they were way ahead of me (in the hopes I wouldn’t notice). I said nothing and pretended not to see. No need to beat a dead horse when the horse refuses to die.

Then after the french fry ordeal, Omi decided that she wanted to give them cupcakes. Cupcakes! To reward them not eating their lunch!

For God’s sake, kill me now!  I am the one taking these kids home after these crazy people have their way with them… let’s please try to limit the pain that they will be inflicting upon me when they get belly aches on top of their sugar high.

At least Opa was looking out for me when he said: “Don’t worry. I took off a lot of the frosting already”.

I stood looking upon these modified cupcakes with their 2 inch thick mounds of frosting and thought…. thank goodness for limiting the frosting. What would I have done if they had one more inch of frosting!


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