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November 19, 2007

Follow the path

Filed under: Parenthood — by mvmommy @ 4:10 pm

A tip to the wise:

When your children tell you … “don’t come in here, we are building a garage for you & don’t want you to see it”…..Be sure to go in there.

Do not let the hammering in the bathroom continue without checking it out. Do not assume that just because they were hammering on the floor, or on the rubber mat, that they have continued to do so.

So when you go into the bathroom 20 minutes later, and find a hole in your bathroom wall, just know it was your fault.

Do not be surprised to see the plaster on the ground.

You took the shower, all the while patting yourself on the back at how wonderful your kids were playing together without your supervision. You bought them the plastic hammers. They are boys for goodness sake. What did you think would happen? Sure they didn’t do anything in the past year with the hammers; that was because they were storing up their creative juices for one big construction site with your name on it.

So don’t yell. Smile calmly and explain how we don’t make holes in the walls, and then have them clean it up.

And when you ask where else they built… and they reply nowhere. Don’t believe that either. They are just afraid you will make them clean that up too.

Instead, just follow the path:

* the indents in the railings on the stairwell,
* the chipped paint off the banister,
* the holes in the wood next to the carpeted stairs,
* and the grey plastic paint from the hammers… now forever etched in your walls.

Know these were all done in love, to build you the best dang garage a mommy could possibly need.


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