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September 26, 2007


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In June we started potty training. For about a month, it was all-consuming. I could think of nothing else, because pee & poop were in my face anytime I turned around.

It’s only 3 months later and it seems like a lifetime ago. I don’t even worry about the potty anymore. It’s no longer MY problem, it’s Andrew’s problem. He goes when he needs to, and he doesn’t when he doesn’t. If I ask him, I know he will tell me honestly & that is that.

So it’s funny that tonight Andrew is in bed, supposed to be sleeping, but making up potty songs instead.

He is singing about “I need to go potty. I want to go with Mommy. Mommy and the potty.”

After a few more verses, he wraps it up & says to his audience  (who is Justin in the other crib trying to sleep) “now here is another potty song”

He then launches into “NEED TO GO POTTY… POTTY… NEED TO GO POTTY.”

I can hear him upstairs going on & ON.

Justin finally responds, “GO POTTY ANDREW!”   I can just imagine him laying there with the pacifier in his mouth, glaring through the bars of his crib at his big brother, and then rolling over to try to sleep.

I have to agree with Justin.  I want to go up there myself and say “Andrew, just go potty. You already know how.  Stop keeping Justin awake, and walk to the bathroom already!”

OR, instead, I can continue to sit here…  listening to him through the monitor.  I am thoroughly enjoying his singing and it’s keeping me entertained.   I wonder when they won’t let me listen to them on the monitor anymore?  I think I will be sad when that day comes.  Oh what lovely things I would miss!  Like this segue into penis talk. Yup we’ve moved from potty, to the size of his penis.  I distinctly heard him talking to Justin about his size.   Where in God’s name does he come up with this stuff?   Definitely I don’t want a monitor when he hits puberty.



  1. This is exactly what goes on in my house!
    Loved this post… I don’t feel so alone anymore!! 🙂
    – Audrey

    Comment by Audrey - Pinks & Blues Girls — October 4, 2007 @ 11:09 am |Reply

  2. No worries, they’ll take care of either hiding , disabling, or completely destroying the monitor. But you still have a few years before that. Because they’re boys (with no girls around), maybe the monitor will be OK until Andrew is eight or even nine years old (for girls is quite different. You should fell lucky if you make it to five! 🙂

    About the penis talk, the answer is simple: they’re boys. Healthy boys (again, girls… oh my! You want to hear the simple penis conversations instead. 😀

    – Juan Carlos

    Comment by Juan Carlos — October 18, 2007 @ 1:27 am |Reply

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