Mountain View Mommy: Sand, Trucks and Testosterone

September 25, 2007

Home Safe & Sound

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Today it was a ‘Justin & I’ morning.  Andrew was dropped off at preschool, and I spent time with my little one by himself.  We flitted from task to task every 5 minutes, because that is what a two year old does.   Justin excels at flitting.

After being inside, we decide to go digging outside.   So we trudged out to our digging spots & got started.  He was in the sand.  I was in the dirt.   After 5 minutes of hard work he decided to flit somewhere else.  He said he was ‘a little hungry’ and so headed inside.  I said, I would follow him in a second when I put my digging tools away.

When I turned around, my very thorough young man had put his tools down, walked inside, closed the screen door, and subsequently closed & LOCKED the glass sliding door.  Leaving me outside & him inside.

I wasn’t sure what to do.   I didn’t want to make this a game where he would keep me outside.  However, I didn’t want to be stern with him, upsetting him so that he got scared and ‘couldn’t’ open the door.

My back-up key is locked safely in the garage.  No help there.

Nathan is out of town.  No help there.

My cell phone is sitting on the coffee table & he’s playing with it, as I look at him through the window.   Hopefully he is calling for help?  Nope?  Okay back to business.

“Justin, come over to the door honey.”

He comes over, smiles at me.

“Open the door for mommy okay? ”

He looks at the phone and says “phone’s not working.”

“Yes, I know.  I can fix the phone if you let me in.”

He pauses.  Looks at the phone.  Looks at me.   Thinks about it.

Whew…. he’s unlocking the door.

I am in!  Crisis averted.

Now let’s go move that spare key somewhere useful – like under the door mate where anyone can steal it and break into our house.  That should be safe.


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