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September 21, 2007

Funny things overheard recently…

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Lately, the kids have been comedians. Of course this is not intentional, they think that everything they say is completely normal. However, to Nathan & I, we are constantly amused.  As one of my other blogging friend’s recently said, having two small children is like being on your very own sitcom.  I totally agree. Instead of it being called ‘Friends’… it would be called ‘Family’.

A few examples:

A few nights ago I was drinking my beer. Nathan told me to hurry up. Andrew said “Chug it mom. CHUG IT! DO. IT. NOW!”             Literally on his own, fraternity jargon was spewing out of his mouth. Next he will be telling me to do keg stands.

Also, after our camping trip… and the lovely music we were relaxing to… Andrew has picked up a few new things. Much to Daddy’s delight, Andrew declared that “Mommy was a ho” last night.         Lovely.

And Justin can not be left out, he has his own set of new words that he is putting together very eloquently these days. You don’t expect him to put together a full sentence, but when he does it can really pack a punch. A few days back Nathan tried to take something off his plate (I guess to eat it, since Justin wasn’t eating it). Justin looked at him and yelled, “NO DADDY! Keep Your Hands To YOURSELF!”                 Nice one kiddo. I guess you are listening when I am talking to you & your brother.

Kids. I love mine.


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