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September 20, 2007

Camping in the Hood

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This weekend we took our first camping trip with the boys. They are still small (almost 2 and just turned 3), but it seemed like it was doable.

We had a variety of responses when we told people of our intentions:

people without kids – Oh that is going to be fun! (with sincerity)
my family – Oh I can’t wait to hear how that goes
people with small children – Oh that is going to be fun! (without sincerity)

It actually was AWESOME.

However, camping with kids is nothing like camping without them. It opens your eyes to things that I had never even blinked at before.

For example, we we drove up to the ranger station… the people behind us were driving a motorcycle blaring rap at the maximum volume for every camper to share in their love of this genre. I was irritated and muttered something about it being rude to myself (luckily). About10 minutes later, I found out that they were our campsite neighbors. This was about the same time we realized we forgot the hammer to bang in the tent stakes. These fine folks shared their hammer, and their nice surround sound-sound music for the rest of the evening… “I’m a ho, you know I’m a ho….” Nathan kept singing that for about an hour.

Also, our little 2 man tent is no tent for a family of four. So I was going to rent a 6-man tent when my girlfriend generously offered up hers. Upon asking her if it was big enough for all of us, she just smiled and said yes. As Nathan started putting up the tent, we quickly realized this was no tent… this was a camping mansion! Honestly every-time I thought he was done, Nathan would reply… “no I am only on step 2 of 20. there are 3 more rooms to assemble”. I about died laughing when he muttered, “who knew I had to budget in an hour to build our fortress”. Sure enough, this tent had a sun room, a back room, 2 side rooms, and a main sleeping area. Each of us had our own door if we wanted one, and there was room for another family of 6 if we wanted to adopt.

However, I don’t think we were going to be adopting from this campsite. The riff raff was everywhere. We had a camper next to us rotating between Fleetwood Mac at full volume and then a garden variety of rap music. The other campers next to us as you know already, were dueling for music rights with their “ho” song…. as well as taking joy rides on their motorcycles in circles around the campsite.  I guess just to survey their territory.  And our other neighbors were a group of teenagers left to their own devices. Their one chaperone was staying in a campsite across the meadow – so didn’t hear the swear-a-thon going on all night long. I was glad my kids fell asleep early,  because they would have picked up a nice vocabulary from one particularly obnoxious girl. Nathan at one point asked if one of the 11 yr olds was wearing a hustler shirt… to which I responded by almost snorting my beer out my nose.

Oh and there were tarantulas ‘on the move’ as one of the signs said. Niiiice. Sure enough, I almost made myself cozy with one while watching the kids hunt for acorns. I about fell over myself trying not to step on it. And luckily the kids didn’t see it, or that would have cut future camping trips out of our foreseeable future.

Overall though, all these things made our trip hilarious. I can’t tell you how much we laughed at the fact that we were camping in the ghetto trying to avoid the acorn attacks (that literally sounded like shotguns as they pelted our tent, car, table, and sometimes Justin’s head). The kids absolutely loved being filthy and playing in the dirt all day. We brought Nathan’s golf clubs and they used them as rakes and other gardening tools to ‘clean up’ the weeds in our campsite.  The would dump rocks on tree stumps, burn marshmallows in the fire, and try to melt play-dough on sticks. Andrew even had some critiquing of Nathan’s cooking…. “holy smokes Dad!” Pretty accurate description of our sausages & steaks at that point.

I wouldn’t say it was what we expected, when we thought about taking our kids to see nature and the beautiful untouched habitat of the great-out-doors.  There was definitely a different kind of wild life to be viewed on this trip.

However, fun times were had by all and we will be going back soon.   This time we will bring our own hammer, more beer, and some Bose speakers set up to blare Carrie Underwood, or Neil Diamond, or something equally obnoxious & delightful.



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