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September 15, 2007

Biting the bullet

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I have been complaining for days weeks months about a half a year about exercising.

Not because I am doing it, and it’s too time consuming. And not because I am hurting, because my muscles have been worked to the bone. And not because my husband won’t support me, and let me find time to work-out.

Nope, I have been complaining because I have come to the realization that I need to exercise to help balance me – but I hate to exercise unless I am in good shape. Do you see the problem? I don’t want to be the lame person who can’t keep up, but I need to exercise in a group setting to motivate me. I am in the middle of my own personal battle of wills.

I had convinced myself that I had to go because I had gained some weight. But then I was too embarrassed to be in my gym clothes and look fat. So then I lost the weight, and had no excuse.

Next it was that I couldn’t go to the YMCA because the hours conflicted with the kids schedule. Then the kids schedule opened up, but I didn’t want them to get sick from daycare. Then my husband offered me morning workouts so the kids wouldn’t have to be in daycare (before he went to work). I didn’t want to get up that early, so he said he’d let me go at 7:00 and he’d go in late one day. There went my excuse.

I had a million more excuses… all whittled away…until this week. This week I got over it – the stars aligned – for some reason I was ready – and I went.

I had decided to join a morning swim team. So I got up early and snuck into the pool trying to go unnoticed by my fellow swimmers. I quietly asked the the coach how it worked. And I tried to shake the dust off my brain, and remember how to count intervals and figure out the timing of it all.

I stayed in the slowest lane with the retirement community, the visiting guy from Europe, and the pregnant lady. And I held on.

Sure there were some low moments:

* like the time that everyone had stopped to listen to the coach, but I didn’t notice & kept swimming an extra lap (or two). Yeah, that was humiliating.

* or the time that I did a flip-turn off the wall and snorted water up my nose. I guess I didn’t judge the person in front of me,  and the waves coming off her flip. Of course, I didn’t come up sputtering for air like I should have. I coughed underwater and took a breath every other stroke until I could get myself back together.

* or the time I forgot to put my goggles back on my eyes before starting to swim. Thus making it impossible to see. But I was too proud to stop in the middle of the lane and embarrass myself… so I just kept swimming with one hand and tried to fix it on every other stroke. Yeah, that was silly.

* or when I tried to get out of the pool at the end, while talking to two of my lane-mates.  I couldn’t lift myself out & kept falling back in, looking like a beached whale.  When I finally heaved myself out with one leg hanging over the side… someone pointed out the ladder about 5 feet way.  Duh.

But honestly, all in all, it was great. I didn’t drown (a major plus). I made it through the workout (an unexpected miracle). And I felt good all day long! I am actually looking forward to going back next time. In fact, next time I am going to move up a lane! I guess I am not the slowest person in the pool…. whew… what a relief!


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