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September 14, 2007

Anyone need a plumber?

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Every night after dinner we ask the kids to clear their plates. Andrew is old enough and tall enough to do this properly: carrying it parallel to the floor so food doesn’t fall off. Justin on the other hand is not yet two. Not that this fact means anything… but let’s just say we haven’t reached the age & height requirements to pull this task off flawlessly.

Thus, we take the remaining food off his plate before he carries it to the sink. And when he gets there he can either chuck the plastic plate into the sink if he has enough umph… or he can give it to Andrew, Mommy or Daddy to put up. This avoids mounds of food trailing behind him, and the plate falling back on his head while he is trying to reach the top of the counter.

Last night, his plate was too messy, so we gave him his empty cup and told him to put it in the sink. He accomplished this task by chucking it over the side of the sink, and then high-tailing it to the playroom with his brother.

When I went back to clean the dishes about an hour or so later (after the kids were in bed), I pulled things out of the sink, turned on the water and started to scrub. The only problem was that the water started backing up on me. I tried running the disposal but it wasn’t working. It didn’t sound like something was caught in the disposal, but it didn’t sound normal either.

So I turned off the water, and started feeling around. Nopem nothing in the sink. Then I turned off the disposal and started feeling around. Hummm… why can’t I stick my hand down the pipes into the disposal?

Well, Justin’s cup had apparently been expertly launched straight down the sink and into the disposal. It was not bouncing around in the disposal. It was actually suspended at the rim of the pipe opening from the sink to disposal. Thus providing a complete seal from either direction.

I don’t know how it possibly landed in that spot, but it did. And frankly I had no idea how to get it out. I couldn’t actually pull it out, because the rim of the cup was butted up against the opening into the sink. I couldn’t push it down further into the garbage disposal, to turn it around, and pull it up backwards.. because it was seriously the size of a plastic tumbler. There was no room for that thing to move anywhere in there. So it was stuck. I tried prying it out to no avail.

When my husband walked in, I gave him a look of exasperation and told him promptly that we were screwed.

He simply turned around, walked to the garage, and came back sauntering towards me with a pair of lock-pliers and a long flat head screw driver.

Now here is where I tell you… my husband is no handyman. My grandfather typically is the one fixing things in our house & showing Nathan how to do it for the ‘next time’. I am not saying he’s incompetent. He definitely could figure out how to do all these things.. he just doesn’t have the time and there are easier ways for us to get them done.

Thus seeing him coming towards the sink with some tools, looking like he knew what he was doing … definitely caused me to give him the big eye-roll. I just moved over and looked on sceptically… waiting for him to give up and turn to me so that we could get on with calling the plumber.

Sure enough, 10 seconds later, he had strong-armed that cup and wedged it out of there. I couldn’t believe it. I still cannot believe that he pulled it out of there without having to dismantle the disposal and the pipes below.

He just looked at me with a big smirk on his face and said, “Betcha didn’t think I could do that, did you?”

Yup honey. Everyday I underestimate you. Now can you get started on that screen door?


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