Mountain View Mommy: Sand, Trucks and Testosterone

September 13, 2007


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The concept of privacy is sorely lacking in our house.

If I am taking a shower, taking a bath, changing my clothes, peeing, whatever … one or both kids are going to barge in. Let’s not even talk about being interrupted when I am trying to have some ‘private time with my husband’. Yeah… that’s been interrupted too.

So when potty training started, the open door policy got worse. Andrew was very interested in peeing and pooping and wanted to see how others did it before he could be convinced.

When he finally got around to doing it himself, he liked to be alone. Funny how that is. No privacy for me, but the door was being closed in my face when it was his turn.

The other day we went to Babies R Us to get some diapers for Justin. Andrew had to use the potty. They have very cute little kid toilets and he was thrilled with his mini-bathroom stall. In the middle of the bathroom he declared “Mommy, I need a little privacy.” He promptly shut the stall door. Locked it. And told me that I had to wait outside until he was done. Yes, all the other ladies in the bathroom giggled at that one. So there I stood, waiting for about 15 minutes while he gathered himself and had his privacy.

Today, Andrew had to use the potty and he summoned his brother in. I was standing a bit down the hall, when I saw the door close & both brothers disappear into the bathroom. When I opened the door to check on them, Justin said “No Mommy – close the door.” Andrew added “Yah Mom, we need our privacy.”

Oh brother. I can just imagine the teenage years already.

I left them to it, but believe me next time I need some privacy, I am going to start thinking about locking them out!


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