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September 9, 2007

Big, Bigger, Biggest

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I remember being a kid and always competing with my sister for the biggest English muffin in the morning. If you eat English muffins, you know what I mean. When you split them in half, one side is always bigger than the other. Of course, every morning we would fight about this.

And it didn’t stop there. We’d fight over who got the bigger cookie, more of the side of the bed, more of the backseat, the nicer pillow, or simply better air to breathe.

I thought this level of awareness and competition started around 5 or later. I know I can remember it, so it had to be late enough. However, I just noticed Andrew doing it today.

I made a batch of cookies. Andrew wanted to see them. He took a few minutes to smile and ogle the cookies. Then he was clearly deep in thought. After a minute he said, “Mommy, when we have cookies, I want THAT one.”

Sure enough, he was pointing to the biggest cookie on the tray.   It was only ‘biggest’  by a marginal amount. If I wasn’t looking carefully, it would have been difficult to discern which the largest cookie was at all. However, he was able to pretty rapidly.

Luckily Justin is not at that phase yet. So the fighting hasn’t begun.  However, Andrew is just barely 3;  Justin is almost 2. So he’s not far behind.

Am I really going to have two kids fighting over English muffins by next year? Why so soon? My sister and I share beautifully now… can’t I have a few years grace period for good behaviour?


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