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August 24, 2007

Breaking my heart with each little follicle

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Recently I noticed that Andrew is getting hair on his legs. Not the hair that he was born with : the fine sweet baby hair that is like peach fuzz. This hair is more like hair that will be ‘man hair’ later. The kind of hair like his fathers, that will only get longer with time. It sounds odd, but I can’t tell you how much this saddens me.

I have this obsession with my children’s bodies. From the moment they were born I would stare at them in their perfect little baby shapes. I loved their big fat rolly baby bodies. I can be found often grabbing a chubby thigh and making my kids giggle. I love their big bald heads. And I love how toddlers have bellies that are disproportionate to every other part of their body. Their belly can enter a room before they ever do. I love their chubby arm rolls. And the dimples in their elbows and knees.

With one child, you don’t notice the slow evolution of baby to toddler to little boy. It happens gradually, and one day you are just smacked with the obvious fact that your child is no longer a baby or toddler. He is a big boy.

However, with two, it’s more obvious. Andrew getting ‘real’ hair on his legs makes it obvious. The fact he wears underwear makes it obvious. The fact that he is skin & bones & knees & elbows, makes it obvious. But him standing next to Justin makes it even more clear that Andrew’s toddler & baby days are LONG gone.

So lately I have been focusing on Justin. I have been trying to will the baby fat to stay on him. He is already losing his belly. Likewise he is gaining a longer neck. I can still see the chubby arms and thighs, but I know they will soon stretch out too. It makes me so sad.

I am not ready for my babies, to no longer be babies.

I find myself kissing & hugging & snuggling him more. I know the time is flying by. I don’t want to blink & miss it. I know that in a few more months, like his brother, he will no longer be interested in his mother mauling him. Soon he will be growing ‘real hair’ too on his legs, and he won’t have an ounce of baby fat to be found.

I know that this is just one of the MANY first steps in the process of my kids growing up. However I think I am going to mourn the loss of each ‘old’ phase a little bit when it happens. Who knew that I would already start feeling this way only a few years into it?


August 21, 2007

Things you don’t expect to hear…

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Pfsst…. toot…. pfsst

Andrew: Ha ha ha

Me: What’s going on in there Andrew? (he’s in the bathroom on the toilet).

A: I have funny poop.

M: Let me see? Oh that’s diarrhea.

A: It makes a funny sound… pfsst.

M: Yes, sometimes it does.

A: he he he… I like diarrhea.

No kidding… it figures.

August 18, 2007

Breaking Blog Silence

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Yes, yes… I know I have been silent for a month now. I have a myriad of excuses to bore you with:

* summer has been too busy to blog
* every time I find something funny to blog about, I don’t have the time
* we have had out of town guests
* my kids have been sick for a week
* I have been sick for an additional week
* I have been too wrapped up with So You Think You Can Dance to focus on anything else. (Okay, this last one is not ‘necessarily’ true, but I do feel Pasha got robbed.)

In any case, after such a long silence, I didn’t want to write about the mundane. I wanted to find something good. Which stunned me into more blog silence.

Until last night.

We had just trudged ourselves upstairs to go to bed, and were closing our bedroom window when we heard a racket outside. Police cars sounded like they were screaming by. We live near a major street; so we often hear that sound. However this time our blinds were lighting up like the 4th of July. Blue and red flashes illuminating our room. Nathan peeks out the blinds and whispers, “hey, there are a ton of cop cars piling into the hotel.”

(For the record: our backyard shares the back fence with the parking lot of a small hotel. Most nights we don’t hear anything from our hotel neighbors, because it’s a typical silicon valley business traveller hotel. On the weekends the parking lot is typically dead empty. So cops pulling in on a Friday night in full-force is exciting stuff. Well, I guess to us it is.)

I asked Nathan what he could see, but he is no good for juicy gossipy stuff that would involve cops and ‘perps’. So I immediately take my curiosity and jump onto the bed to peer out the window myself. My husband and I are pushing and shoving for the best position to see the action, like two teenagers over the last drops of beer at a keg party.

Giggling we turn off our lights, so the police can’t see us gawking out our window at them. I think this was the only time that I have been pissed that we had big pine trees planted along our fence, blocking the view of the hotel. Honestly, reality TV doesn’t get better than this.

About 5 police cars had pulled in. Cops were running every which way back and forth across the parking lot. There were about 4 men getting pat down. And there were flashlights darting here and there all over the parking lot. Then the police started running back and forth from their cars to one particular area: an area we couldn’t see from our secret stealth hiding spot.

So of course Nathan & I jump into action. We are literally running like elephants around our house trying to find a window upstairs where the trees aren’t blocking us. Mind you, it’s midnight and our kids are about 5 feet from the hallway which we had decided was the best vantage point.

The only window to give us a suitable view was right outside the kids doorway, in the hall, and it was a vaulted sky window: meaning 1 foot by 1 foot about 10 feet off the ground.  So there we were, both perched on-top of ONE white wooden children’s chair (that I have had since I was about 4 years old… so you can imagine how stable it is).  Again we are jockeying for position and cracking the window so we can hear.

The fireman have shown up at this point and are crouched around that same area that the police have been gathering around. I am sure that someone got stabbed. Nathan is convinced it’s a drug deal gone bad. Of course the canine unit is now involved too. It’s all very exciting. But nothing tops the moment when the police start unrolling the crime scene tape and Nathan & I almost pee our pants from excitement of watching Mountain View’s finest in action.

The young ‘perps’ have been carted off. In my mind I know they are busted and I have no idea what they have done. I am really getting into our free Cops episode. We have still not seen anyone that has been injured, and no ambulance or stretcher was involved. So I think we can safely say that my ‘knife attack’, while exciting, was probably not true. Probably a good thing. Too much reality could have quashed our excitement.

The police cars pull away, and then the CSI teams come in and take pictures of evidence on the ground and start bagging it all. We watch them until the last bag has been put in the cars and then we crawl off our stool and close our tiny little window and giggle all the way to bed. Clearly it was some sort of teenage drug bust.

I think some of the highlights of the night might have included:

* As we are trying to decide what has happened, I whisper excitedly… “well you know it wasn’t a shooting, I didn’t hear any shots.” For goodness sakes. This is Mountain View. The cops were probably out trying to bust a littering ring.

* When we finally find the perfect vantage spot, Nathan disappears downstairs for a moment and comes back with something in his hands. No, it is not what I think it is. Yes, it is. It’s his camera. He is taking pictures out our window, outside our kids door, of the hotel, and the cop scene outside. Not pictures of our adorable kids. Pictures of a crime scene in which we have no idea what crime had been committed.

* And then when the pictures weren’t coming out… does he drop it like a grown man in his 30’s? No. He gets his tripod. YES, HIS TRIPOD!

* And when that isn’t working, what do we do? We go outside to our backyard and peer over the fence like two nosy old ladies.

I think you can safely assume that we are total dorks. We have nothing better to do on a Friday night than act like star-struck-teenagers and ogle out the window at the policemen doing their job. Clearly our babysitters went back to college already, and we need some new ones. Either that or Fall TV had better start real soon. Because this is getting pathetic. Ridiculous and pathetic.

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