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July 5, 2007

Gone Fishin’

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The family has been on vacation and basically been ‘doing’ summer for the past few weeks. There is so much to report and funny things to share, but who wants to take the time these days?

I haven’t wanted to miss a moment playing with the kids in the sun, or eating ice cream in the hot weather, or hosing down things just to keep cool. It’s been fun being a kid again. And it’s the first time for my children, so it’s like starting over for me.

In the past few weeks we have take rides in speedboats on lakes, and have watched the joy in my children’s faces as they realize that the water sprays out from under the boat & makes waves. They were googly-eyed over the wave runners that were racing us. And the call of the drawbridge bell, was almost too much to take. We HAD to see the tall sailboats go under, and HAD to watch the cars wait until the bridge went down. And honestly, there wasn’t anything I wanted to do more.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time snuggling my children during naps or bedtime, because we have been in odd houses and condos and hotels. In all this change, one thing is certain: my boys love to snuggle with mommy. At one point I had both boys tucked into the nook of my arm sleeping up to me… and I thought, this is heaven. This the moment I dreamed of while being a mom. I laid there for an hour hoping they wouldn’t wake up.

In the past few weeks I have introduced my kids to the East-Coast side of my husband’s family. We had a reunion/wedding to attend, and the kids put on their best show. They pretty much charmed everyone with their enthusiasm and excitement for everything. Andrew was the ring-bearer in a wedding, and he did beautifully (for an almost 3 yr old). Definitely took the ‘long route’ down the aisle. Later after the obligation of carrying the rings was over, he fell in love with the flower girl and decided to give her a whirl. Believe me, watching him voluntarily dance with this little girl had me in tears. I was just seeing him 20 years from now getting married and moving away. Seriously, I bawled like a baby, it was embarrassing.

And Justin…. that kid could wrap you around his finger with his smile. He had all the old ladies crooning over his bald head and little mini blue suit. He mastered the art of peek-a-boo to a form of flirting. And he used his honed skill endlessly to capture the hearts of all the women on the plane rides, airports, parks, and beaches. He is still trying to use it on me. And despite the fact that I know he is ‘working me’, I cannot help but fall in love with him over and over again.

Summer vacation with my kids has been just what the doctor ordered. It’s time to slow down, enjoy the little things. It’s been time to look at them through other people’s eyes, and realize what AMAZING kids I have. It’s been a great time to just let them be kids, not expect the world from them, and love them… Love them… LOVE THEM.


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