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June 18, 2007

Things I should have bought stock in…

Filed under: Parenthood — by mvmommy @ 8:03 pm

Before having kids, there were strategic financial moves I should have invested in. They are readily apparent on a daily basis… multiple times.

1. Spray and Wash… which leads to Tide Detergent… which can also lead to Bleach

2. Wipes… which obviously leads to Diapers… which inevitably leads to Potty Training Underpants (because there is no way I am cleaning up underpants that someone poop’d in… they are going straight in the trash)

3. Dannibles Yogurt… Goldfish… Chicken Nuggets and Apple Juice. After a play-date my house seems depleted of these items.

4. Swiffer sweeper covers… because the sand never goes away…and I keep swiffering swiffering swiffering.

5. 409 for a million reasons….. but mostly milk, apple juice, and now pee on the floor

6. Paper towels … because for goodness sakes we are taking down one tree after another in this house

7. Children’s toothbrushes… who knew that they would be used to clean toilet bowls, the floor, the walls, and everything except their mouths

8.Children’s tylenol. That stuff is sucked down so often in our house, you might as well put an IV in.

9. Sippy cups. Where in the hell do they disappear to? I had 100, I now can only find 1. They are becoming ‘the lost sock in the dryer’ in our household.

10. Beverages & More – because now that we can walk to that store, it’s getting our business on a nightly basis.



  1. ohhh and Mr Clean Magic Eraser sponges…..those things are awesome, they’ll get crayons off the wall, shoe scuffs off the floor, soap scum of the shower walls…..I am in love with Mr Clean

    Comment by Mary Alice — June 19, 2007 @ 5:56 pm |Reply

  2. swiffer


    Trackback by swiffer — June 27, 2007 @ 12:58 pm |Reply

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