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June 15, 2007

Mr. Boss Man

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Nathan’s youngest sister always tells stories about how when she was little, her older brother & sister used to boss her around. She freely admits to doing everything they said… in order to win their affection. And they freely admit to taking advantage of her on purpose… in order to get rid of her for a few minutes. For example, apparently they used to ask her what time it was over and over and over. This way, she would have to leave the room, to check the clock, and come back. She would then be asked the time again, a few minutes later. Being the littlest one, she fell for it every time. Now at 27, she is righteously indignant at their behaviour.

I always laugh at these stories, because I don’t remember doing that with my sister. Thus, I couldn’t really picture my kids doing that to each other – until today.

Andrew wanted more milk. He was being whiny and wouldn’t bring the glass to me. So I was ignoring him. He finally pushed it off the table, in the attempt to get it closer to my general direction… but I told him he had to pick it up and bring it over if he wanted me to fill it. Then I promptly went back to ignoring him until he did. His response to this was,

“No, I don’t have to pick it up. Justin will pick it up. JUUUSSSTIN -come here. (Justin comes over).

Pick up my glass Justin. (Justin lays down on the ground, shimmies under the table like an army commando, and gets the glass).

Justin give me my glass. (Justin hands it to him).

See Mommy, Justin got it. Will you fill it up now?”

I just stared at him, a bit bewildered. Justin was a willing participant in this flagrant abuse of brotherly love. So I can’t yell at him. I did try explaining that his little brother wasn’t his whipping boy. But he simply responded, ‘wasn’t that nice of Justin’. As if his noticing, made it all right.

Two minutes later I overheard Andrew tell Justin: “Justin go find a monster truck for me”. Andrew was sitting on the couch in the living room. The monster truck was in the playroom. Justin just got up, went in the playroom, got the truck, and brought it back. Andrew thanked him by saying “Good Job Justin, that was nice.”

At least he used his manners.


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