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June 12, 2007

Caulking gun

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It’s fun stuff when your kid says something that sounds like something else.

I think by the title of this blog, you can guess what I am referring to.

Talking about caulking something, or what caulk is, or a caulking gun can be great fun with Andrew saying cock all night. I know it’s childish. But it’s hard not to laugh when he keeps talking about cock for hours.

What is even funnier is why we were using a caulking gun in the first place. Andrew has a potty seat (you know one of those cushy foam ones that sits on top of your own toilet seat). This potty seat has a really lame opening in the front, underneath the seat. It’s positioned perfectly so that when little boys pee… their pee gets caught in the opening and pours all over your hand when you remove the seat. Brilliant. No matter how you remove it… pee gets all over you.

Thus I decided to bust out the caulking gun. There is nothing like a little over-achievement when it comes to household fix-it projects. Now, Andrew goes around talking about how the little opening is forever sealed by ‘cock’ and how he wants to play with the ‘cock gun’.

I would bet $100 this is going to come up at summer camp tomorrow.  I don’t think Teacher Nancy is going to think it’s as funny as we do.


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