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June 10, 2007

Making a toupee

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You might think he is bald, but he’s not.

Justin actually does have a few wisps of hair on the back of his head that were too long to fit in with the rest of his army crew-cut. It seems that these stray hairs were growing quite nicely, but the rest of his hair is not. Maybe his large head cannot sustain that much hair growth. Instead, it must focus on quarter sized patches of hair, one by one. Who knows why it grows like it does. But for a month now we have been looking at the old-man-hair-receding-look and wondering when it might be time to give him his first haircut.

I have had many people come up to me already and ask me if I shave his head. Seriously? Really? Why would I shave my 1.5 yr old’s head? I just look at these people and smile. It’s up to them to figure it out.

But now it’s time. It’s time to take those scissors and make a respectable bald toddler out of him. If he’s going to resist follicle growth – let’s embrace it and make the whole head bald. Let’s trim those 10 wayward hairs and declare this a no-grow zone.

If nothing else, we can use them for later to make a toupee for his inevitable receding hairline. Or the next time someone asks if we shave his head, we can pull those hairs out of our pocket and say “yeah, you want to see it?”


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