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June 8, 2007

No means No. Really?

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It’s no wonder that some people are confused with the concept of ‘No means NO. ‘ I don’t mean men on the prowl. I mean parents with toddlers.

Justin’s favorite word is NO. A resounding, fully-pronounced, almost yell: NO!

Sometimes he will just walk around the house generally mumbling stuff to himself, and then yell NO! For no apparent reason.

The thing that kills me is that he knows when to use it, and does so with such finesse.

Me: Do you want more cauliflower?

Justin: NO! – while shaking his head so violently it could cause shaken kid syndrome. And all the while, pushing the fork across the table.

Andrew: Can I have that truck?

Justin: NO! While grabbing the truck and stumbling running away as fast as his chubby little 1.5 yr old legs will carry him to keep claim over his precious toy.

Justin: “HIT? NO!!!! ” Then he smacks his older brother despite telling himself not to. This is probably to get him back for trying to take the truck from him earlier

The thing is that often No means Yes.

He might actually want the cauliflower that I was trying to help him spear with the fork. But he yelled no. When I take the cauliflower away, he will start yelling NO again. So I give it back, again he starts yelling NO . So I try to hand him the fork – NO again. Finally I put the fork on the table, bowl on the table and walk away. Sure enough, he wanted the cauliflower. He just wanted to pick up the fork himself – not have it handed to him. He wanted to spear it himself – not be helped with it. And he wanted to have a bigger piece of cauliflower – not the little one that was being offered.

So I guess sometimes No really means Yes.

Like the times when Nathan says… honey would you like more wine? I may say, NO. But really I mean, OH PLEASE YES.  Feel free to pass me that bottle.


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