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June 7, 2007


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We have hit the infamous “WHY?” stage.

I knew it was coming, but I convinced myself that we might actually avoid it. WHY?

Because Andrew didn’t actually use the word. Instead he would ask: what for? how come? and other variations. WHY?

I don’t know why, he just did. And now he doesn’t. WHY?

I think because he heard his little buddies use the word. WHY?

They used the word because they were curious. WHY?

Because their mommies would answer them directly every time they asked about the bug/lawn mower/cookie for the 100th time. WHY?

Because they are toddlers and good at repetition? WHY?

Oh who the hell knows… I just know that we have a very serious and inquisitive little boy in the house. He will wrinkle up his forehead and nose. And he will give you the ‘Nathan-scowl’ and ask me ‘WHY’ so intently as if the world depended upon my answer. I am taking my responsibility seriously, and trying to be very patient honest and truthful. However, I may have to bust out “because mommy said so” as a back-up plan.



  1. I remember when mine started this, and while it’s not ALL the time, when he gets on a roll whoo boy. And I feel like I should be at least trying to answer, although I’ll get distracted and answer with a dramatic sigh “I don’t know” or “just because” after about the 10th follow up “why” 🙂

    Thanks for adding me to your blog list 🙂

    Comment by Nicole — June 7, 2007 @ 4:20 pm |Reply

  2. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I SO love hearing anything positive!

    Had to comment on the “why” stage. My nephew was the world’s most prolific Why-er. Only he wouldn’t just say “why,” he would say, “Whyyy-yaaah.” This was eons ago, before Military Man and I had children of our own and whyyyy-yaaah totally cracked us up. To this day, some 20 years later, we will say that to each other when we are really curious about something. “Buuut whyyy-yaaah?”

    BTW my granddaddy used to teach at Stanford. Wonderful place.

    Comment by Mary Alice — June 8, 2007 @ 4:09 am |Reply

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