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June 6, 2007

Working the system

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My youngest knows how to work the system. He always has. That kid has all my side of the family in him… and a lot of the bad parts too. I am sorry. Sorry for him, sorry for me.

When he was a baby, they diagnosed him with colic because he refused to stop crying and wouldn’t sleep unless I was holding him. I tried being tough – but it was like Chinese Water torture – he would stop for nothing.  I am pretty sure that he was working us back then too.

When he gets a cold, he can easily milk the crying and fussing for at least a week or two. It may just be a runny nose and a cough – but you would think he severed a limb.

He’s is very passionate. He ‘feels’ much more than the average 1.5 yr old. He’s not afraid to express it and make you all feel his pain too, which leads me to his latest exploit.

Since being sick last week – and by sick I mean minor runny nose and cough – he has decided that he will awaken at 11:00 at night and cry inconsolably until he is rocked to sleep.  He is very explicit about the manner in which he would like to be ‘rocked to sleep’ as well.   First, he demands his mommy… not daddy. Then he demands to be picked up out of the crib, not just hugged. Then he demands that I walk him to the rocker and let him sit on my lap until he almost falls asleep.  At which time, I can slowly approach the crib and put him down with no words and no hesitation.

If I – the parent, the person supposedly in charge – do not fulfill these demands without following this exact sequence… I will pay for it. I will pay, I will pay, I will pay. And so will everyone else in the house.

He can cry non-stop forever.

Nothing gets him to stop, not even ignoring him… except succumbing to his demands. Another blogging friend of mine described her son as a great future president in a terrorist situation: he would never back-down, he would never negotiate. Justin fits that description.

After day 8 of this nonsense, I am sort of losing my mind. Nathan is pretty PO’d too. And Andrew is exhausted from his maniacal brother screaming his head off all night in the same room as him. Bless his heart, he tries to sleep through it.

what to do … what to do…

If this is a battle. I am losing. Not slowly. Quickly. With no mercy given to the weak.


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