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May 31, 2007


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Well it’s official:

Though Justin may look like my side of the family, act like my side of the family, and eat like my side of the family – he has his father’s sensitive stomach.

He gets carsick.

Just to prove his point, he threw up three times on three different car trips. And since we are planning on taking 4 plane rides in the coming few months, I would bet he is going to debut his ability to get airsick too.

I feel bad for him. There is nothing like being nauseous. It’s an underrated ailment. When you try to tell people how badly you feel, most just nod their head and pretend to feel bad for you. But really it’s debilitating in a non-life-threatening way. And for a toddler, I can only imagine it’s horrible when you can’t tell someone what is bothering you.

Again, I feel for him. HOWEVER, as the one who has been barfed on, and had to clean it up in the middle of LONG road trips… it’s hard to stay positive. There is no choice but to keep moving and hope that he feels better.

Since his episodes seem to have no pattern to them, I don’t know how to prepare for it. One time it was 15 minutes into a car ride on a very straight road. In fact we had went through a drive through for coffee and it happened right after that. So we had barely even been moving for long. The next time it was 20 minutes into a ride, after breakfast – again a pretty straight road. The next time it was 1 hour into a ride where it had been very curvy but no food had been ingested prior to the trip.

I am thinking books and his toys are making him sick… he trys to play with them, but then ends up getting nauseous.

Thus comes my catch 22: I have a toddler strapped into a car …

if you provide him toys, he will barf

if you provide him nothing, he will fuss

I am looking at this from his perspective and mine and can’t decide which is worse.

However, I do know that I now have bottles of water in the back of the car at all times to be able to pull over and give him a bath. I have two sets of clothes. I have towels to cover car seats. And I have toothbrushes for his teeth.

Now, what supplies do I need for myself so that I will continue to want to brave any trip that lasts longer than 15 minutes?


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  1. I highly recommend benadryl for plane trips… Call your ped, and try it before you fly, but it has worked great for my twin with the motion sickness. Oh yeah, let your husband ride next to him on the plane.

    Comment by katiebug — May 31, 2007 @ 7:30 am |Reply

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