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May 26, 2007

Nap Necessity

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The other day my husband casually mentioned how I was going to loose my mind when the kids stopped taking their afternoon naps. He said it calmly, but with this look in his eyes that spoke of his concern for my well-being and the safety of our children. His concern pretty much FREAKED me out.

I have heard that after about 3 years old, kids start to drop their naps. One of Andrew’s playmates is already doing it, and I dread the day that it becomes a reality in our house too. Andrew’s always been a great sleeper, so it’s hard for me to imagine him not wanting to nap… but I know the day is drawing near. Thus, since Nathan’s irritating concerned observation, I have become more aware of nap times and what it means to me.

I always knew it was my break – my time to regroup and recharge. Often I would rush around picking things up, prepping the dinner, cleaning this, doing that, emailing, blogging, etc. But lately, because I feel that the end might be near, I have been doing nothing. By nothing, I literally mean… NOTHING.

I sit on the couch and move as little as possible so the creaking of the house will not wake my children and ruin the silence. I sit with both cell phone and home phones in my lap – so that I can answer any calls before they ring. If someone does dare to call, I practically whisper throughout the conversation. I will watch all the shows I TiVo’d the night before, and enjoy the break from reality. And if there is no TiVo, I read a dumb, mindless, easy-read book (no not Danielle Steel or anything like that… more along the lines of James Patterson). About 20 minutes before they wake up – I run around in a frenzy to do all the things I had left undone. And I pop a piece of chocolate in my mouth for good measure.

Today I caught myself in my own ridiculousness… when I was willing to BURN myself rather than drop a hot pan and wake the kids. Seriously, I picked up the lid of a boiling pan of water… and rather than drop it…. I burned my hand. That is how deep my obsession need for nap-time is.

I now know why Nathan was concerned, because you know… I personally think a little burn for 3 hours to myself was well worth it. No pain. No gain.


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