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May 25, 2007

What’s your type?

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The other day I was reading one of my favorite Dad Bloggers, MetroDad. He did an entire post about the “Eight Types of Playground Parents” in New York. I had to laugh. I could picture many of the mothers/fathers that he described – as I had seen their types in the park. Some I had trouble relating to, because they were definitely NY biased. But the entire post made me chuckle, and wonder what were the Playground Parents of Silicon Valley like? And where did I fall?

Ironically, about 12 hours later, another Mom Blogger that I love to read, posted a reply from this side of the country. Citymama responded to MetroDad with her version of Types of Silicon Valley Parents.

If you read it, it’s a good read. I laughed and started imagining some of my friends in these categories. It definitely hit the nail on the head, but I thought a couple categories may have been left out. I don’t know how I would describe what was missing… but I definitely didn’t feel like every parent out there was covered. Because if they were… where did I fall into her categorization?

I am definitely not her Techmama. And I am a FAR cry from the Millionaire Mom. Neither could I be dumped into Geek Dad. So that left… Co-Op Preschool Mom.

First of all, my kid is in a co-op preschool. So that does apply. However, it talks a lot about being ‘Granola’…. which I can honestly say I have NEVER thought I was. Granola typically means to me… hippie. And believe me, I am far from hippie.

So I told Nathan that I laughed at the blog, and thought I might be the ‘granola’ mom that she was talking about. I do read parenting books and magazines. I do love the co-op preschool that my kids go too, and I do learn a lot from it. I do err on the side of healthy snacks vs. non-healthy (not obsessively – ie. all food comes from Whole foods, nor do I make my own peanut butter or eat soy & tofu). And yes, I do talk to my kids about their feelings and try to get them to work things out with other kids vs. knocking their lights out with the sticks they are usually carrying around.

No I don’t hate working moms (as it was implied). Neither do I hate people with a ‘life’… whatever that means.. because I think I still have one. And I don’t have a go-cup with tea bags.

But somehow, after reading the blog, interpreting the blog, and categorizing myself – I came away sort of laughing, but sort of feeling slightly offended & made fun of. When I told Nathan this, he just laughed at me.

He asked what bothered me. And I replied “I am NOT granola.”

To which he simply looked at me and stated – “You may not have been before kids, but you definitely are now. Have you looked at what you are wearing today. A fleece, shorts, and flip flops. You might as well start eating up that bowl of granola.”

Sure enough, I looked down. There I was – fully decked out JUST like Citymama described her Granola mom. Her definition was “fleece vest, Teva sandals, kids with gender-neutral hair.” I was pretty damned close. Good God, please shoot me now.


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  1. Hahaha! This was a wonderful post. I posted my “response” in fun highlighting the broadest SV stereotypes that I could think of. I must admit, I hover between techmama and granola mama (definitely an inner hippie). When my husband read his geek dad description, he feigned being offended then looked at what he was wearing…

    Comment by Stefania/CityMama — May 25, 2007 @ 8:33 am |Reply

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