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May 24, 2007

The solution

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After hours of searching and trying, I have found the solution to removing dry erase markers from my dining room set.

Do not apply nail polish remover. I did not try this because when I was a teenager I had dumped a bottle accidentally on my parents dining room set & ruined a nice foot wide circle. Clearly karma came back to bite me in the butt.

Do not apply rubbing alcohol (or other cleaning solutions). It does very little.  It may remove part of the varnish, and will inevitably make it harder to use my solution.

Stop trying to buff it out. Though it might seem like it’s working… it’s not. Which leads me to my solution.

After all that buffing… I realized that it would only dull the color on the wood when my towel was dirty with marker. That the remnants of the marker on the towel, was in fact helping me to remove the other marker still on the dining room set!


Sounds crazy, but it worked. I simply drew over all their lines, and then immediately used a dry paper towel to rub it off. It worked. Use a marker that is closest to the color of the object written upon. In my case, red. Color over all other colors, and rub it off. I have successfully removed all dry erase marker on my table and chair legs and floor that were written on the wooden parts.

Obviously, the leather and upholstery… still needs work.

(PS.  My table is a relatively smooth, varnished surface.  This worked in my favor for this solution.  A porous surface probably wouldn’t have done the same thing.)


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