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May 21, 2007

Real or Memorex?

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Today we took Andrew and Justin to Best Buy to research portable DVD players. We are going on several long trips this year, and want to find a way to keep the kids quiet on the plane/car rides. The portable DVD player seems to be a good solution to kill at least 30 minutes of a 7 hour trip…. we’ll take anything we can get with two wiggly toddlers.

While Nathan was writing notes and looking at the different brands, I distracted the kids by showing them the 500 TV’s lined up against the wall.

Just at that moment they showed a commercial about the benefits of HDTV. The commercial focused upon a baseball that was being hit and flying into outfield. Outfield was apparently where we were sitting watching the TV… because the ball seemed to be flying right towards us from the TV screen.

Andrew took one look and bolted towards one of the screens, yelling “I’m gonna catch that ball”

He practically plowed over this Sony 40″ LCD HDTV, in the attempt to save the game. I barely caught up to him in time to stop the impending collision – or we would have been paying for this lovely $2400 TV.

I guess that says something about quality of the picture. If you are buying a new TV, and you want to pick the one with the best definition, just borrow my kid. Show him the baseball commercial and wait to see which TV he goes running towards – it’s the best sales pitch money can buy. Just be sure to catch him before he catches that ball.


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