Mountain View Mommy: Sand, Trucks and Testosterone

May 19, 2007

Boy Band

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Today my kids had escaped and I could hear a lot of noise from the direction of the garage.

When I opened the door to the garage, I found both Andrew & Justin standing there with a stick in their hands. They were holding the sticks like a guitar and making some sounds that seemed like they might be singing. Andrew was strumming his stick-guitar while doing some wild gyrations, that could be mistaken for dancing. Justin was bouncing up and down like he was trying to jump with his stick-guitar, and maybe take a body dive off his pretend stage.

As I stood there and looked at them, Andrew informed me that they were in a “Rock n’ Roll band” and continued to do his crazy dance and sing. He was clearly pleased with himself. Justin ignored me completely because he was ‘into’ his groove.

How old are these kids again? 1.5 and 2.75 yrs old? Or 16 and 17? I know one of them is going to come home with a tattoo, and the other with an earring. And if they start using my garage for band practice, our neighbors are going to LOVE us.


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