Mountain View Mommy: Sand, Trucks and Testosterone

May 18, 2007

Liar Liar

Filed under: Parenthood — by mvmommy @ 4:10 am

I admit it, I am a complete hypocrite when it comes to feeding my kids and feeding myself. Today I actually shook my head in shame at myself.

Under the watchful eyes of Justin & Andrew, I eat properly: finishing vegetables, drinking milk, making sandwiches or eating the main course. If they are going to eat it, so am I. However, that same theory doesn’t work in reverse. If I am going to eat it… often they are not going to be allowed.

I have a secret snack section in a cupboard that they can’t reach.  It has cookies, chocolate, chips, dip, salted nuts… pretty much anything I desire. When they are in the playroom, sometimes I sneak into the kitchen and grab something from that spot. When they are out in the backyard, I may pretend to be doing dishes, but really I am grabbing a chocolate. Sometimes if I get caught red-handed I will say I am eating a cracker and give them one instead so that they don’t feel left-out.

Today we had a special treat. It was the first time I went through the drive-thru of a fast food joint to get my kids burgers and nuggets – simply because I was feeling lazy and craving fast food. However, I didn’t show them the fries. I kept them in the bag and when they were not looking I would shove one in my mouth and pretend to be eating my cheeseburger. How horrible is that!?

I did it because I know that if they see them, they will refuse all other food. Seriously, I have tried it before and if Justin sees it… meal time is over and the french fries are going to be the only thing he eats. Andrew would probably eat both things, but I can’t give Andrew some and not Justin. So thus, no one gets some except for Mommy when she is sneaking them under the table.

And just to make matters worse, after they were done with lunch – I sent them outside to play in the sand so that I could eat one of my chocolates. Why didn’t I share? I don’t know, I guess I felt bad about giving them chocolates… and felt better about hiding it from them. Now that can’t be a good parenting tactic. I think I am going to have to stock up on sugar free chocolates so that I can give them something while I indulge myself. That would probably be the more appropriate response. The adult response. The mature response. Okay okay, I get it…. stop trying to convince yourself.


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