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May 10, 2007

Hit me baby, one more time…

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Wouldn’t you know it. Strep throat is back. Yup, I got the good stuff again. Nathan runs his triathlon, and I get strep throat. Lovely.

Pretty much sequence of events went down like this:

Doctor sees me. Prescribes me drugs.
Take drugs for 10 days.
3 days off drugs – feel fine.
4th day, start gettin’ that lovin’ feelin’ again
See doctor again. Prescribes me drugs.

2 times in 2 wks.

The doctor looked at me like I was TRYING to get it. She said, it’s not normal. Duh… I could have told her that. Now she thinks I am hanging out with a ‘carrier’: someone who doesn’t know they have the strep virus because they are immune. But this ‘carrier’ happily carries their crappy virus around from friend to friend as a parting gift.

She asked me if there was someone new that I met that might be a carrier. For goodness sakes, I meet about 20 people a day with my socialite kids at the park. I could probably pinpoint a new person, like I could pinpoint a needle in a haystack.

The kicker was that she implied that my own SON might be the carrier. That if I get it again, we will have to test him. And if he’s a carrier, the solution will have to be a lifetime of aggressive hand washing. Are you kidding me? They might as well check me in to the hospital now, or hook me up with a lifetime drip of penicillin. Because there is no way my almost-three-year-old is going to be aggressive about washing his hands until he is 30 – and maybe not even then.


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  1. Sounds like quite the appointment. “The carrier” – sounds like a superhero. Sure you don’t have some poolboy on the side 🙂 I remember my brother getting poinsen oak ALL over his body and the doc insisting it does not spread, he must have been rolling round naked. We suspected it might have been with a family friend, as she got it at the same time 🙂

    Comment by Nicole — May 15, 2007 @ 1:31 pm |Reply

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