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May 6, 2007

How does he do it?

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Sometimes I have to wonder…

Nathan is the kind of guy you can rely on. And I mean, in every scenario. He just seems to be able to assess any situation and handle it appropriately. Rarely does he misstep. No he’s not a robot. And he’s not trying to fool me. That’s just the way he is… steady as the tide, solid as a rock. He is the anchor that ties me to this earth so that I am not spinning in orbit half the time.

When I met him, his family would tease him and call him “saint Nathan” telling me that he didn’t walk on water. But I am not so sure. My family pretty much thinks he does. My grandmother is always telling me to take good care of him because ‘he works so hard.’ She buys him extra special birthday gifts, because ‘he deserves it’. My parents often call to talk to him (not me) about important decisions or ask for advice. And if my family was on a boat, and the boat was sinking, and they could only save one person … Nathan or me… I think they might actually debate it for a little bit!

I don’t mind it at all. I am happy that my family loves him like I do. But sometimes I wonder how he does it. How can he pull off being a great husband, wonderful father, excellent employee, and overall good guy… everyday?

How he can work all day long, and still come home with a smile on his face, ready to play with the kids? How come he doesn’t mind washing the dishes and helping with the bath and bedtime routine? Why doesn’t he seem to need a minute for himself to wind down? How can he spend a little evening time with me, even though he knows that when I go to bed, he has to go finish up his work? Seriously, does he have some Energizer Bunny pill that he’s taking? I don’t know how he accomplishes all that he does within a 24 hour period, and still gets up the next day and does the same thing – without a decrease in productivity or even a complaint. I couldn’t possibly keep up with him, even if I was trying!

And then he still finds the time to exercise every day, so that he can train to do a half-iron man! I mean, don’t get me wrong. I think he’s crazy. I don’t know why anyone would work so hard to do a race that will take about 6 hours to complete. But at the same time, I am secretly proud of him. Proud that he is putting forth the effort. Proud that he has some goals for himself that make him happy & satisfied. And proud because I know he will achieve it. Whatever he sets his mind to, he always accomplishes… so this will be no different. I am sure of it.

I know men and women are different. And so our strengths will not always be the same. But some men are different from others… and Nathan is one of them. I know few other men like him. My friends often wonder why I don’t ‘bitch’ about my husband… and it’s not that I wouldn’t. Believe me I would. However, often I don’t have much to say. And if I do, it’s so stupid, it’s not worth mentioning.

After 11 years I still have not figured out what makes him tick. I don’t know how he balances everything so that everyone around him feels loved and secure, just knowing that he is there. Maybe in another 20, 40, or 60 years I will figure it out. Or, maybe I will give up trying and just thank God everyday for sending him my way.

However, Nathan, if you are reading this, I have one small request… if we are going to spend the next 60 years together… can you slip up a bit more? You are making me look bad!


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