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May 2, 2007


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Mother’s Day is coming up and there have been a lot of people writing about the best gifts to give great-grandma, grandma, mom, or even the expecting mom. The present has to be perfect – it has to be just right.

Often there is a lot of stress placed upon all the work your mom does for you that gets overlooked. Many times the importance is placed upon her staying at home full time with her kids. Sometimes, it’s that she works AND takes care of her kids at night.

But what about the step-moms? They might not have birthed their kids… but they are still moms. They might not have them 5 of the 7 days a week… but they are still taking care of the kids whenever they get them.

Often the job of a step-mom is harder than a ‘birth’ mom. If you think about it, they have a lot of politics. They have to coordinate between multiple parents. They have to plan ahead for weekends without being able to see the kids, know how they are feeling, what their new fear is, or what their greatest desire is. They have to be ‘perfect’ so that kids don’t compare them against their ‘real’ mom. Not to mention that they have to juggle their husband’s feelings about their parenting style too. It’s hard.

But that’s not the worst. What about the fact that sometimes a step-mom is judged by her own peers and family. It’s hard when your step-kids aren’t treated as your kids – as equal and important parts of the family as a whole. It’s hard when family doesn’t recognize you for mother’s day, just because you didn’t pop that baby out yourself.

So on Mother’s Day this year… don’t forget the step-moms. Often they aren’t the ones that you read about in Cinderella… they are the ones who are trying so hard and being forgotten.

Get them something good. No, get them something GREAT.


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  1. i think you have presented a surprising gift to your step mom, ok then have good life ahead with your mother

    Comment by mujju — May 16, 2007 @ 1:17 am |Reply

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