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May 1, 2007

for my sis

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Busy Busy Busy.  That describes the last week.

Got over my cold, just in time to take a trip. I visited my girlfriend in Bend, OR and I must say, if you want to relax… visit Bend.  Every time I leave Bend, I am sure that I am moving up there.  Seriously, I come home with house brochures and moving plans.  It does help that the trip was solo – sans husband and kids.  But no matter, one day I will live there.  And that day is coming soon.

Likewise, I got home to two kids who are super excited about spring.  Lots of bug catching.  Lots of bike riding.  Lots of buckets of water to make mud.  No time for bloggin’.

But tonight I settled back into the old routine and watched American Idol.   I wasn’t going to watch, but my sister called to tell me that her long time lover was on TV.  Bon Jovi.  Of course, after that – I had to watch.

Secretly, I am in love with Bon Jovi too.  It’s just that my sister is OBSESSED with him.  So growing up, there was no room for my little love affair as well as hers.  In fact, it is a well-known fact in our family that Katie is ‘crazy’ when it comes to that man.  She knows everywhere he will be signing or performing if it’s in a 1000 mile radius of her.  If he’s on TV for more than 1 second – she knows.  If he’s auctioning off personal items – she knows.   If he goes to take a leak – she probably knows that too.

Thus, I am sure she was not disappointed with the show – even though she never watches American Idol.    However, because she is an obsessed groupie, she refused to acknowledge that any of the contestants could actually sing a Bon Jovi song correctly.  She hated everyone except for LaKisha.    I am convinced that she only liked her because Bon Jovi himself said that LaKisha was awesome before she sang.  And as you know… whatever that crazy rocker says must be true.  So, Katie decided that she was going to vote off everyone except for LaKisha.   She doesn’t even watch the show.  She actually despises the show.  But Bon Jovi is asking her to vote – so she does.

Katie explained her voting strategy to me.  She can never keep a secret.  So I voted the opposite of her, and more times.  Just to be sure I cancelled her vote a trillion times over.

Hey, what are sisters for.


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