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May 31, 2007


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Well it’s official:

Though Justin may look like my side of the family, act like my side of the family, and eat like my side of the family – he has his father’s sensitive stomach.

He gets carsick.

Just to prove his point, he threw up three times on three different car trips. And since we are planning on taking 4 plane rides in the coming few months, I would bet he is going to debut his ability to get airsick too.

I feel bad for him. There is nothing like being nauseous. It’s an underrated ailment. When you try to tell people how badly you feel, most just nod their head and pretend to feel bad for you. But really it’s debilitating in a non-life-threatening way. And for a toddler, I can only imagine it’s horrible when you can’t tell someone what is bothering you.

Again, I feel for him. HOWEVER, as the one who has been barfed on, and had to clean it up in the middle of LONG road trips… it’s hard to stay positive. There is no choice but to keep moving and hope that he feels better.

Since his episodes seem to have no pattern to them, I don’t know how to prepare for it. One time it was 15 minutes into a car ride on a very straight road. In fact we had went through a drive through for coffee and it happened right after that. So we had barely even been moving for long. The next time it was 20 minutes into a ride, after breakfast – again a pretty straight road. The next time it was 1 hour into a ride where it had been very curvy but no food had been ingested prior to the trip.

I am thinking books and his toys are making him sick… he trys to play with them, but then ends up getting nauseous.

Thus comes my catch 22: I have a toddler strapped into a car …

if you provide him toys, he will barf

if you provide him nothing, he will fuss

I am looking at this from his perspective and mine and can’t decide which is worse.

However, I do know that I now have bottles of water in the back of the car at all times to be able to pull over and give him a bath. I have two sets of clothes. I have towels to cover car seats. And I have toothbrushes for his teeth.

Now, what supplies do I need for myself so that I will continue to want to brave any trip that lasts longer than 15 minutes?


May 30, 2007

Feaking of …

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Andrew has a fecial way of feaking.

He always uses the “f” sound whenever he encounters the “sp” sound.

I find it charming.

He likes to eat with foons a lot, and sometimes thinks it’s funny to fit out his food.

He can fend a long time finning before he gets dizzy and falls down.

And he efecially likes Daddy Long Leg fiders.

We are working on sounding things out:


Since we have lost a lot of his baby talk already, this is our lingering verbiage that ties him to being an infant. I know I am going to miss this fecial feaking, but it’s fun to see him grow.

May 28, 2007

Hat Man

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“Hey Mommy, I am Hat Man!”


For those of you who can’t tell… Hat Man is really Diaper Head Man. And you can bet that he thought that was the funniest thing in the world.

May 27, 2007

Toot Toot

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As I sit in the car coming home from the grocery store, Andrew says… “Mommy I tooted in the car.” Then he busts up laughing. Translation… “Mommy I farted in the car – ha ha ha on you!”

Then he and Justin proceed to make farting noises all the way home and laugh at one another.

When I shake my head, smile, and mutter to myself, ‘this is my life now’.

Nathan simply replies, “You wanted boys. You got ’em”

How true. How true. Soon they will be burping the ABC’s, and having farting contests for real. I love my life.  I would have a football team of boys.  You want to have a play-date?

May 26, 2007

Nap Necessity

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The other day my husband casually mentioned how I was going to loose my mind when the kids stopped taking their afternoon naps. He said it calmly, but with this look in his eyes that spoke of his concern for my well-being and the safety of our children. His concern pretty much FREAKED me out.

I have heard that after about 3 years old, kids start to drop their naps. One of Andrew’s playmates is already doing it, and I dread the day that it becomes a reality in our house too. Andrew’s always been a great sleeper, so it’s hard for me to imagine him not wanting to nap… but I know the day is drawing near. Thus, since Nathan’s irritating concerned observation, I have become more aware of nap times and what it means to me.

I always knew it was my break – my time to regroup and recharge. Often I would rush around picking things up, prepping the dinner, cleaning this, doing that, emailing, blogging, etc. But lately, because I feel that the end might be near, I have been doing nothing. By nothing, I literally mean… NOTHING.

I sit on the couch and move as little as possible so the creaking of the house will not wake my children and ruin the silence. I sit with both cell phone and home phones in my lap – so that I can answer any calls before they ring. If someone does dare to call, I practically whisper throughout the conversation. I will watch all the shows I TiVo’d the night before, and enjoy the break from reality. And if there is no TiVo, I read a dumb, mindless, easy-read book (no not Danielle Steel or anything like that… more along the lines of James Patterson). About 20 minutes before they wake up – I run around in a frenzy to do all the things I had left undone. And I pop a piece of chocolate in my mouth for good measure.

Today I caught myself in my own ridiculousness… when I was willing to BURN myself rather than drop a hot pan and wake the kids. Seriously, I picked up the lid of a boiling pan of water… and rather than drop it…. I burned my hand. That is how deep my obsession need for nap-time is.

I now know why Nathan was concerned, because you know… I personally think a little burn for 3 hours to myself was well worth it. No pain. No gain.

May 25, 2007

What’s your type?

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The other day I was reading one of my favorite Dad Bloggers, MetroDad. He did an entire post about the “Eight Types of Playground Parents” in New York. I had to laugh. I could picture many of the mothers/fathers that he described – as I had seen their types in the park. Some I had trouble relating to, because they were definitely NY biased. But the entire post made me chuckle, and wonder what were the Playground Parents of Silicon Valley like? And where did I fall?

Ironically, about 12 hours later, another Mom Blogger that I love to read, posted a reply from this side of the country. Citymama responded to MetroDad with her version of Types of Silicon Valley Parents.

If you read it, it’s a good read. I laughed and started imagining some of my friends in these categories. It definitely hit the nail on the head, but I thought a couple categories may have been left out. I don’t know how I would describe what was missing… but I definitely didn’t feel like every parent out there was covered. Because if they were… where did I fall into her categorization?

I am definitely not her Techmama. And I am a FAR cry from the Millionaire Mom. Neither could I be dumped into Geek Dad. So that left… Co-Op Preschool Mom.

First of all, my kid is in a co-op preschool. So that does apply. However, it talks a lot about being ‘Granola’…. which I can honestly say I have NEVER thought I was. Granola typically means to me… hippie. And believe me, I am far from hippie.

So I told Nathan that I laughed at the blog, and thought I might be the ‘granola’ mom that she was talking about. I do read parenting books and magazines. I do love the co-op preschool that my kids go too, and I do learn a lot from it. I do err on the side of healthy snacks vs. non-healthy (not obsessively – ie. all food comes from Whole foods, nor do I make my own peanut butter or eat soy & tofu). And yes, I do talk to my kids about their feelings and try to get them to work things out with other kids vs. knocking their lights out with the sticks they are usually carrying around.

No I don’t hate working moms (as it was implied). Neither do I hate people with a ‘life’… whatever that means.. because I think I still have one. And I don’t have a go-cup with tea bags.

But somehow, after reading the blog, interpreting the blog, and categorizing myself – I came away sort of laughing, but sort of feeling slightly offended & made fun of. When I told Nathan this, he just laughed at me.

He asked what bothered me. And I replied “I am NOT granola.”

To which he simply looked at me and stated – “You may not have been before kids, but you definitely are now. Have you looked at what you are wearing today. A fleece, shorts, and flip flops. You might as well start eating up that bowl of granola.”

Sure enough, I looked down. There I was – fully decked out JUST like Citymama described her Granola mom. Her definition was “fleece vest, Teva sandals, kids with gender-neutral hair.” I was pretty damned close. Good God, please shoot me now.

May 24, 2007

The solution

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After hours of searching and trying, I have found the solution to removing dry erase markers from my dining room set.

Do not apply nail polish remover. I did not try this because when I was a teenager I had dumped a bottle accidentally on my parents dining room set & ruined a nice foot wide circle. Clearly karma came back to bite me in the butt.

Do not apply rubbing alcohol (or other cleaning solutions). It does very little.  It may remove part of the varnish, and will inevitably make it harder to use my solution.

Stop trying to buff it out. Though it might seem like it’s working… it’s not. Which leads me to my solution.

After all that buffing… I realized that it would only dull the color on the wood when my towel was dirty with marker. That the remnants of the marker on the towel, was in fact helping me to remove the other marker still on the dining room set!


Sounds crazy, but it worked. I simply drew over all their lines, and then immediately used a dry paper towel to rub it off. It worked. Use a marker that is closest to the color of the object written upon. In my case, red. Color over all other colors, and rub it off. I have successfully removed all dry erase marker on my table and chair legs and floor that were written on the wooden parts.

Obviously, the leather and upholstery… still needs work.

(PS.  My table is a relatively smooth, varnished surface.  This worked in my favor for this solution.  A porous surface probably wouldn’t have done the same thing.)

May 23, 2007

Out, damned spot!

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I was writing an email to a friend telling her how much I was loving my kids right now, when it happened. I was writing about their independence, and ability to play together. And I was thinking how nice it was to finally have a few minutes to myself – while they were still awake – without them running in to see what I was doing.

When I was done singing the praises of my children, I went to go check on them and join their play. I was not prepared for what I saw.

I found them underneath the dining room table instead of in the playroom. Both boys had markers in their hands… and both were coloring on the fancy table we had bought, the leather arm chairs that sit at the head of the table, and the upholstered chairs that sit at the side of the table. Likewise, the entire hard wood floor was covered with red & green scribbles.

All I could do was scream NOOOOOO, and burst out into tears. Was it mature? No, but the whole dining room set, that we lovingly spent months looking for and more months saving for, looked like a Fisher Price toy. A string of obscenities flew out of my mouth as I ran for the paper towels and started scrubbing violently.

Justin simply looked at me and ran away. Andrew came over and asked what was wrong, and why I was sad. It was all I could do not to take the marker and throw it across the room in a fury. I didn’t want to speak, because I didn’t want to yell at him. So I called my husband in tears and had him read me suggestions from the Internet to try to remove the scribbles. Nothing really worked.

I know that the kids didn’t mean it. I know that they are kids & that is what happens. I have all sorts of furniture that have nicks, and scratches, and crayon on them. But this was MY FANCY furniture. You know, the stuff that is supposed to be with you for the rest of your lifetime – that is why you spent a lot of money for the ‘good stuff’.

I am still scrubbing. And it’s eventually dulling in color. I think most people won’t notice right away when they look at it. Luckily we picked a dark cherry set, so red can be disguised. Green, not so much. But I am working at it.

The frustrating part for me is that I know they knew better. And mostly, “I” knew better. I shouldn’t have left the markers out for them to use on the paper while I wasn’t standing there. I should have known from their giggles that they were doing something bad. I shouldn’t have cried over a stupid piece of furniture in front of my kids and freaked them out. I feel guilty and pissed off at the same time.

When you are a parent, you put your kids first. You know these things are going to happen. But when they do fall apart – it’s hard to act like a parent and not just a regular person who is going to have to look at these pieces of furniture for the next 40 years. Hopefully I won’t continue to want to kick myself, and my kids, in the ass for being so stupid.

May 22, 2007

Tricky Business

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I don’t know why it surprises me anymore when I find my eldest son doing things that I didn’t think he could/would do. Inevitably, however, I am always surprised.

Last night he came downstairs after being put to bed, and told us that he pooped. I figured that he had, and so started gathering the supplies to get him changed and put back in bed. He knows he’s not supposed to get out of bed, unless he poops, so I took him at his word. After getting everything ready, and starting the process… come to find out he hadn’t. He just wanted an excuse to come see us again. In fact he grinned “that grin” when I discovered his trickery – you know the one that says he knew it all along, but was hoping I wouldn’t catch on.

Tricky boy.

Today, at lunch time I caught Andrew swapping bowls of peas with his little brother. Justin had already ate half of his bowl… so I guess Andrew figured that it would look like he had, if he swapped the bowls. He knew he was supposed to eat peas before he got more strawberries, so he was moving the process along.

Quite Ingenious.

Later, I turned around to find him dumping Justin’s apple juice into his cup. They only get one cup a day – so I guess he figured he had to find another route to get more. When I asked him what he was doing, he just simply said “now there is more in my cup”.

There sure is buddy… I’ve got my eye on you.

May 21, 2007

Real or Memorex?

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Today we took Andrew and Justin to Best Buy to research portable DVD players. We are going on several long trips this year, and want to find a way to keep the kids quiet on the plane/car rides. The portable DVD player seems to be a good solution to kill at least 30 minutes of a 7 hour trip…. we’ll take anything we can get with two wiggly toddlers.

While Nathan was writing notes and looking at the different brands, I distracted the kids by showing them the 500 TV’s lined up against the wall.

Just at that moment they showed a commercial about the benefits of HDTV. The commercial focused upon a baseball that was being hit and flying into outfield. Outfield was apparently where we were sitting watching the TV… because the ball seemed to be flying right towards us from the TV screen.

Andrew took one look and bolted towards one of the screens, yelling “I’m gonna catch that ball”

He practically plowed over this Sony 40″ LCD HDTV, in the attempt to save the game. I barely caught up to him in time to stop the impending collision – or we would have been paying for this lovely $2400 TV.

I guess that says something about quality of the picture. If you are buying a new TV, and you want to pick the one with the best definition, just borrow my kid. Show him the baseball commercial and wait to see which TV he goes running towards – it’s the best sales pitch money can buy. Just be sure to catch him before he catches that ball.

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