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April 20, 2007

Bikes, Trikes & Tykes

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Lately we have been spending a lot of time outdoors. Justin’s first words after breakfast are “shoes” and “outside”. We are outside and raring to go by 8:00. Andrew is really into everything that has to do with spring & summer: running through the sprinklers, planting the vegetable garden, raking the leaves, looking for bugs, digging for worms. The list goes on. But clearly, outside is the place to be these days.

Our most favorite thing to do outdoors is ride our bikes. Justin has a big-wheel that he loves. He just scoots along as fast as could be. In fact, he could ride those push cars before he could walk – so at this point he’s mastered them and is pretty fast. I have to run to keep up with him. Andrew just learned to use his toddler bike with training wheels. So he is no slow poke either. He always asks for his helmet and then tears off down the sidewalk, while yelling “Mommy, look at me!” He is so proud of himself. And I am too! Riding your first bike is a BIG deal.

So off we go, up & down the street for hours. It is so much fun. There is a little court that I can let them ride around in, where I know they will be safe. I sit at the end – to watch for traffic – and they just have at it. Round & round in circles they go. Laughing & chasing each other. Having the best time just being brothers.

They go explore everything together… which is not limited to ramming into curbs and popping over sidewalks. Sometimes Justin will get stuck somewhere, and Andrew will go over and help get him un-stuck. Every now and then Justin will lose a shoe, and Andrew will make sure that I help him get it back on. Justin will follow Andrew anywhere and has no fear of speed. So often he is the one leading the charge down a steep slope and around a corner that almost has him tilting over by the sheer force of gravity.

They have found the steepest driveway in the court, and scoped it out as their bike ramp. 100 times a day they will climb up it, and then zoom down at breakneck speed. Justin literally starts pushing the big-wheel to get the most speed possible, and practically launches himself off the curb every time. At the end he yells WWWWEEEEEE and gives me this huge adrenaline grin. Then he turns around and does it again.

It just cracks me up. This might be my new favorite moment with my boys. I don’t have to ‘parent’. I can just enjoy watching them have fun, and be a part of it when they want me to join them. The best part is that I can watch them learn how to be brothers: how to get into trouble together and how to help each other out of trouble when necessary.

During those biking hours I couldn’t be prouder of my two boys. I often wish that people would walk by and see my two dare-devils tearing around. I would love to brag to someone about how fearless Justin is. Or brag about how amazing it is that Andrew can ride a bike. But for now, I will just share the moment to the Internet. Thanks for listening.


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