Mountain View Mommy: Sand, Trucks and Testosterone

April 19, 2007


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Lately my kids have been developing what can only be called ‘brotherly love.’

It’s been fantastic. I love just watching them from a distance to see what they will do.

Sometimes Justin will be stuck in a corner, and Andrew will go over and help him out by moving the offending toy. Or other times, Justin will be riding his bike but it got stuck. So Andrew will help him out of the ditch. Likewise, Justin will bring shovels over to Andrew so that they can dig together. And he often will share his toys upon request from his big brother.

Today, however, they gave me a laugh. Andrew had thrown a bunch of paper on the floor when he was practicing using scissors. Before he could play with his other toys, he was told that he had to pick the paper up. Justin had been coloring nicely with the paper remaining on the table, up until that point. He then watched Andrew being forced to pick up after himself & immediately dumped all of his paper on the floor too. When I asked him to stop – he wouldn’t – until it was all on the floor. Afterwards, he immediately got down off the chair and started picking it up like Andrew. He handed me each piece until the floor was cleaned up.

Thick or thin. Good or bad. They are clearly sticking together.

Oh the trouble they are going to get into! I am imagining high school parties when Nathan & I aren’t home – and two ‘innocent’ faces when being questioned. Justin will charm me in order to divert my attention… while Andrew will be sneaking out the keg through the back door. What have I done?


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