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April 18, 2007

Strategy worked!

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Last week I reported my frustration with American Idol and the never ending saga of Sanjaya. I also mentioned my next voting strategy, should Sanjaya not be voted off. This week my plan ‘Evict Sanjaya’ was put into place. And to my great surprise and satisfaction… this week he got voted off! I can’t believe it. All my reality TV dreams have come true! I can watch TV on Tuesdays without the irritation of ridiculous hairdo’s and smug looks at the judges. I am planning on taking full credit for this.

I voted for a total of 39 times last night. Yes, you heard it here. I am not embarrassed. I turned into a 13 year old girl with the phone clutched in her hand, trying to make sure her voice was HEARD! Nathan at one point told me if I didn’t put the phone down, he wouldn’t watch the show with me anymore. So I did what any dedicated fan would do. I dialed the phone while I had it buried under a pillow in the couch (thus he couldn’t hear the beeping… and I could keep on with my mission). (yes, I can dial by feel & don’t need to look at the phone to do it – it’s a skill)

Here is how my votes went down.

Everyone but Sanjaya got 5 automatic votes.

Blake got 10 votes because I am in love with him.

Melinda got 8 votes because she’s the best.

And weird-eyes got 6 votes because even though I don’t particularly like him… I had to be fair. He did better this week than normal & deserved his props. Extra vote for you big guy.

All in all…39 votes against Sanjaya.

Ironically, I now feel guilty. He looked so sad tonight to be voted off – that he actually endeared himself to me. It was the first bit of real emotion that I have seen from him. So here’s a toast to Sanjaya. Thank you for providing Shannon & I the fodder for many email conversations. Thank you for providing the blogging community many entertaining tidbits which resulted in many hilarious posts. Thank you for your hair-do’s… they were definitely a blast from the past. Thank you for making Simon stunned into silence on multiple occasions. Thank you for smiling, because it’s nice that you didn’t let people get you down. And thank you for spicing up the season and giving us something to talk about. I am sorry I didn’t like your singing. Hopefully you won’t hold my voting against me when you make your millions and my kids want to buy your CD’s.


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