Mountain View Mommy: Sand, Trucks and Testosterone

April 17, 2007

what a day for a daydream…

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This is the song in my head as I lie on the grass with my eyes closed. I am in my bikini getting a suntan. I hear the water of the pool next to me. I hear the laughing of my college roommates close by. I am peaceful and want nothing – nothing other than someone to bring me a Margarita while I lay here basking in the warmth of the sun.

Suddenly a shadow crosses my path. And I hear someone saying:
haaaaaaahhhhh shhhhhhh haaaaaaaaahhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhh
Sounds like snoring. I open one eye.

Two little faces are looking down at me. Andrew says… “whatcha doing mommy?” Justin keeps pretending to snore, while giggling at me.

I am not on grass. I am on my concrete steps leading to my backyard.

I am not in a bikini, because that is a joke after two kids. I am in my shorts and a sports bra.

The water I hear is not the pool… but instead the washing machine behind me, which is attempting to clean the paint from dirty fingers off my just ironed new shirt.

And the laughing of my college roommates, was actually the laughing of my NEW more permanent roommates. The little imps had just thrown sand all over the porch that I had just swept up.

I opened my eyes to my smiling kids’ faces. Andrew took that moment to inform me: “Mommy you need sunscreen.” He said it very seriously, but definitely with a touch of smart-ass-ness that comes from his father or grandfather.

Sure enough. I do. After 15 minutes in the sun on a beautiful spring day… this very-white-stay-at-home-out-of-the-sun-mom was already sunburned.

If my kid is smart enough to know I need sunscreen… and smart aleck enough to say it to my face … then he’s old enough to start blending me some drinks. Now where was that Margarita?


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  1. Andrew would *kill* to be allowed to use the blender – if I start coming home to find you sunburned and hung over we’re going to have to have a chat! 😉

    Comment by Nathan — April 17, 2007 @ 10:16 am |Reply

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