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April 12, 2007

inside their minds

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Sometimes I wish I could get inside my children’s brains. They are constantly making me laugh at the way they perceive something, or interact with someone, or simply just what they do when they think they aren’t being watched.

Today there were a lot of (silent) giggles on my part thanks to their antics.

This morning:

Andrew: “Daddy, where are you going?”
Nathan: “I am going to work”
A: “Why you have to go to work?”
N: “Well, I have to bring home the bacon… ”

6 hours later

Andrew is pretending to talk on the phone while I am driving the car.
“Daddy, you at work?
Yeah? Okay. You getting the bacon?”

After lunch:

Andrew was on a time-out for various toddler like behaviours. While Andrew was forced to sit in the time-out chair, Justin decided to taunt him by looking at him and laughing.  (I am not making this up – it’s like they are teenagers already). After being given the go-ahead to get up… Andrew tried to go over to Justin to say sorry and give him a hug. Very serious like, he starts making his way to Justin. Justin on the other hand, thinks that he’s coming to get him since he had been taunting him the whole time. So Justin takes off running and screaming with glee. Clearly he thinks it’s now a game of chase. Andrew on the other hand,  starts running after him with his arms outstretched for a hug and this huge frown on his face. All the while yelling, “No Justin come back. I am trying to say Sorry! Justin! Justin! Stop running! JUSTIN COME BACK!”.    Little brothers… clearly they can be so frustrating.

During our water paint session:

I turn around to see Andrew painting Justin’s bald head… and Justin just sitting there letting him.

It is moments like these when I am glad I stayed at home. These kids crack me up.


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