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April 10, 2007

anyone have a muzzle?

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Yesterday my sister had surgery on her throat.  Why?   Here is the explanation that doesn’t require a medical degree to understand:  her throat was slowly closing and causing her to have trouble breathing. Eventually it would seal shut. Clearly, surgery was necessary. So yesterday was the day, and there were lasers and incisions and all sorts of stuff involved.

Apparently, it went great. Why do I say ‘apparently’? Well, because my sister isn’t allowed to talk for 48 hours.

So normally, after a surgery like this… I would get the play by play of every minute of the check-in process, the anesthesia, the recovery, the doctor’s update, and the ride home. If she pee’d or sneezed… I might even hear about that.  Last time she was in the hospital with my father, she introduced me to every stinkin’ orderly on the floor. She even knew which ones had kids, which ones had attitudes, and which ones to avoid due to their bad cologne. It was killing me.

SOOOOOOO… without Ms. Chatterbox around… I have no update on her condition other than what she typed to me

“I feel great. I can breathe”.

Hummm… well, that is good news. And yet sort of obvious since we are typing to each other.

If Katie talks after her surgery… she might scar her throat… which would result in more surgery. So she needs to keep that yap of hers shut. Yup Katie, I know you are reading this. So I would try duct tape. I wasn’t kidding when I suggested that 4 days ago. Seriously, go to the garage. Open David’s tool box. Get the duct tape.

Duct tape: Dr. prescribed. Sister approved.

Why am I harping on this? Well, because my sister just emailed me the fact that last night there was some huge hit & run accident on her street. Of course she was home recovering from the anesthesia. And OF COURSE, that woke her right up & had her running outside to get in the middle of the chaos and police reports. Now, if a person can’t talk… how can she be giving a police report?

Welllllll, apparently she had no trouble yapping it up to the policemen – talking about the gang signs she saw the kid flashing after the accident, how his car window was smashed as he hauled ass down the block.  I mean, seriously… 2 hours after surgery and now she is on ‘Cops’?

This is how I know my sister has no self-control. Duct tape is necessary.

Do I need to come over there and administer it myself? I will you know. You just keep it up. I have a whole role of duct tape sitting right here next to me.   I am gonna call you – and if you answer your phone – the silence on the other end means that I have hung up and started driving my car.  So you had better run.


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  1. OK – if anyone wants the truth and my side of the story just email me! I will have you all know the Doctor called today and said I could talk – limited – but I can talk. SO THERE!!! (spoken like a true little sister)

    Comment by Yappy Sister! — April 10, 2007 @ 1:36 pm |Reply

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