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April 7, 2007

hide and seek

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The title of this blog should actually be.

Hide & Seek… and keep seeking… and keep seeking… and still more seeking

Andrew is really into hiding these days. Not just hiding himself, mostly he loves hiding things.

That would be fine if it were just his toys, however, they are not.

A few days ago I found him in his room with one of my shoe boxes. When I walked in, he yelled, “Mommy get out! You aren’t supposed to see this! It’s a surprise!!!”

So I left, thinking it’s just a box no biggie. WRONG.

It was a shoe box full of all three remote controls to our TV’s! Let me tell you… I would have never found that box had I not stumbled upon the whole ‘surprise’ in progress. He was actually trying to put the box behind his bed. And not just behind it, under it too. Since the bed doesn’t have to be moved to make it, I would have never looked behind it. And the mini-drawer underneath the bed would have blocked visual view if I ever happened to be on the floor staring under his bed. Thus, TV crisis averted.

But it was not a one time incident. This might be a ‘new phase’ that I should keep tabs on.

Yesterday, Nathan was playing guitar for the boys in the playroom. He stopped for 2 minutes to walk Justin over to the kitchen for a drink. When he came back, the pic for his guitar was gone. Knowing there was only one person able to move that fast in our house… he asked Andrew if he’d seen the pic. Sure enough, he said, ‘yeah, it’s over in the playroom.” We looked, didn’t see it & asked again. This time we asked him to show us. Luckily he is still too young to realized that it might be way more fun to have mommy & daddy guessing for a few more days before he spills the beans. Thankfully, he walked us over to one of the chairs in the room, tilted it back, and underneath the seat of the chair was wedged a tiny blue pick. SERIOUSLY… who would have looked there!?

Clearly he is gearing up for the Easter Egg hunt. However, I am not sure the Easter Bunny is as tricky as he thinks he might be. He is going to be awfully disappointed when he realizes that the eggs are laying ON TOP of the grass IN PLAIN SIGHT instead of

buried underneath the grass,

which is growing under a stone,

that has a silver bucket on top,

which is filled with water……

Because now THAT would be a good spot to hide an egg.

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