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April 3, 2007

Easter Egg Tradition

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blog21.jpgMy mother’s group has an Easter tradition.   We let our kids dye Easter Eggs.

The first year, I hosted a big Easter Party at my house for about 15 mothers and their babies.  The babies were only 9 months old, so they weren’t really able to do the dying per se.  They just picked out stickers and we placed them on the eggs.  Some of us let them ‘draw’ their names on the eggs & then we dyed them.  But it was mostly all about the food that was provided for the mothers.

blog31.jpgLast year, the Easter party was held at another mother’s house.  I couldn’t wait to have the kids dye their eggs…. but low & behold… one of my kids got sick and we were self-banned from festivities.  I about cried when I saw the pictures of all the 20 month olds dying their eggs and looking so sweet.  I was heartbroken that Andrew missed out on such a special event with his buddies. 

This year however, we were raring to go.  I had two very able participants and they KNEW what was going to happen & couldn’t wait to get started.  I can’t tell you how cute it is to watch your kids dye easter eggs when they really are too young to do it ‘the right way’.

Justin was the only kid who was trying to dye the eggs.  This is ironic since he is 16 mos and the rest of the kids are almost 3.  He was really focused.  He is usually a smiley kid, but the entire time he never cracked a smile.  He just kept dumping the eggs into the dye, and then moving them into the cartons to dry.  Back & forth.  Back & forth.  Serious business.   


The older boys were focused on egg dying for about 5 minutes.  It was about that time when they realized it is WAY more fun to try to peel the egg, and subsequently crush the egg in the dye.  Sometimes they would peel the egg gently.  Sometimes they would smash it.  Sometimes they pretended they were making scrambled eggs.   The rest of the afternoon was spent dying the egg yolks and eating those purple, green and blue tasty morsels.  


The kids were an absolute mess.  Andrew’s hands are still red.  Justin’s are still green.  But the memory was well worth it, and they had a fantastic time. I hope you enjoy a few pictures from some of the cleaner moments of our afternoon.



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