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March 28, 2007

mall security

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With a two year old, things can go from blissful to horrible in .5 seconds. 

The other day we had a lot of blissful.   We were at the mall, getting new shoes for Justin and we were celebrating the good behaviour by having a chocolate chip cookie.   Everyone was behaving nicely as we were loading up the car to go home.   That is when things went horribly wrong. 

Why?  I don’t know.    Ask my two year old.   This is how it went down:

Andrew climbs in the car first and plays around in the backseat as I strap Justin in.

When I am done with Justin, I fold up the stroller & warn Andrew that he is next and he should start crawling into his seat.

When I get to Andrew, he refuses to get into the carseat.  Our normal protocol with this is to warn him and then count to 3 and then he will do it.  So that is what I did. 

One, two, three… still no go. 

I pick him up, try to put him in the seat.  Screaming & yelling ensues.  I try talking to him.  Not working.  So I warn him that I am going to have to buckle him in the hard way, and that I am sorry.  Still, no cooperation… so I proceed to find a way to strap this child, who has now made himself into a wooden plank, into the seat while he’s acting like a bucking bronco and screaming at the top of his voice.  

At this very moment, mall security drives by and stares at me while he’s passing.  I smile as if I am sitting on the beach drinking a MaiTai.  Andrew screams, ‘I want mama’.    Of course, security backs up, stops, and continues to watch the both of us … limbs flailing everywhere.    They don’t come over.  I am not sure why.  I am sure they thought I was abducting my own son.   They just stared at me.  One kid smiling at them from one car seat.  One kid yelling from the other.

Andrew continues to yell ‘I want mama’.  Granted, his mama is right now sitting on top of him and attempting to safely buckle him in.  I give him a hug and tell him I love him, but that we need to drive safely with him buckled in.  I get him harnessed in, and take a moment outside my car to re-group, before stepping back into my car which is a cavern of screaming.  While outside, the mall security man drives away but not before giving me the once over.  I am not sure why he left & did not arrest me.  But right at that moment, I was thanking him for his ineptitude and disinterest. 

Before I hopped into my car again, two construction workers across the parking lot look at me and laugh.  I laughed too, and asked them if they wanted two kids for cheap.  They just shook their heads and kept laughing.  I guess these adorable little hellions are mine for keeps.  


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  1. And this is why I am so glad I still have at least one kid who can’t unbuckly his own carseat (yet!). I mean, not that my kids ever refuse to get into their car seats 🙂 Glad you didn’t get arrested.

    Comment by Nicole — March 28, 2007 @ 12:11 pm |Reply

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