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March 17, 2007

the old married couple

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The Bittle visit – Boys vs. Girls Highlight #5

The last of my happy memories will be Justin and Kate.  Not for any particular reason, mostly because they seem to have found another soul that could understand them.   They were no longer the little siblings.  They weren’t the babies.   They were two independent little walkers following each other around like an old married couple. Where one would toddle, the other would follow.

Kate would flash a huge grin.  Justin would respond by trying to maul her in some fashion.  

Ironically both kids are huge for their gender.  As Joel puts it, Justin is the only kid that makes Kate look small.  And Kate is the only girl that makes Justin look normal.  I think he appreciated her semi-bald head and her lack of fine motor skills as well. 

It was the first time Justin had a playmate that wasn’t Andrew’s age or wasn’t 6+ mos younger than him.  Kate was an equal match and she didn’t mind the big brute roughing her up a bit (even when he was doing his best to be gentle).  She’d just smile and go along with the whole thing sweetly.   It was so adorable to watch the two of them. 

By the end, Justin could even say Kate’s name.  Now you know that is puppy love.


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