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March 17, 2007

the flower exchange

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The Bittle Visit – Boys & Girls Highlight #1

Fifteen minutes after being introduced, Andrew decided to pick flowers for Clara as a gift. He knows they make mommy happy, and I think was attempting to win favor with this new pretty girl in a dress. Clara responded with typical feminine charm, by ignoring him completely and staring at the flowers in her hand with disdain. It’s as if she knew that they were in fact weeds, and not flowers, and refused to settle for less.

Thus Andrew decided to move onto the next woman available to him, and picked flowers for Kate. He’s obviously an equal opportunity man. This time he explained in a very sweet voice that these were ‘special flowers for her’. Kate looked at him, looked at the flowers, and swatted them away. Daddy taught her well. ‘Make a man work hard for your affections.’ Andrew’s aspirations to line up a future prom date were clearly crushed.

I was too late to catch Clara & Andrew, but if you watch the video below, check out Andrew’s face as he passes Clara on the bike. It’s as if he’s checking her out to see if she still has his flower & gives her wide berth when he realizes she doesn’t. Too bad you can’t hear what Andrew is actually saying to Kate – it was very sweet – though clearly not getting him anywhere.


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