Mountain View Mommy: Sand, Trucks and Testosterone

March 15, 2007

I know I am sick when…

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… I can’t find the energy to blog about the awesome time I had with my friend and his adorable little girls (more to come on that this weekend).   Though I keep getting weepy about it all day long.

… I let my children eat hot dogs & chips for lunch with no veggies or fruit.

… I actually go straight to my room after putting my kids down for a nap, and do nothing but lay there for 2 hours.

… I let my children eat pretzels for a snack in front of Dora the Explorer for the HOUR long special episode that I had been saving for an emergency.  Since the 2 hours of laying down just wasn’t enough ‘me’ time.

… I let my children run around in the sprinklers and the mud FULLY CLOTHED, and don’t notice that they need their poopy diapers changed.

… I don’t want wine with dinner.  Or beer.  Or any alcohol.   And I almost didn’t finish the quarter-sized scoop of chocolate ice cream for dessert (which might have been a smaller portion than my 1 year old).

But the Number One Reason I know I am sick is because…..

I found out the TiVo remote is NOT BROKEN.  That though, it was pulled apart.  And though the buttons didn’t work.  And though I replaced the batteries.    It was actually MY FAULT that the remote didn’t work.  I put the BATTERIES IN BACKWARDS.   (My husband figured this out, after getting tired of watching me sit on the couch silently while staring at the black screen of the TV before me)

Now you know I am sick if I did that.


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