Mountain View Mommy: Sand, Trucks and Testosterone

March 14, 2007


Filed under: Stuff — by mvmommy @ 3:20 pm

Sometime during my friend’s stay… our combined four children got a hold of the TiVo remote and demolished it.  I can safely come to the conclusion that it was probably my boys – since his girls are angels.   Seriously, I am not being sarcastic.

However, I love my TiVo.  And TiVo doesn’t work without the remote.  I live for that time after my kids are in bed and I can fast forward through commercials on any given show… until I have properly relaxed and am ready to speak to the world again.

Now, I am back to the pre-TiVo years… and I am not liking it.

I actually had to watch American Idol with the commercials… I couldn’t do it.  I actually turned the show off.  And it wasn’t just because of Sanjaya’s horrible singing.  Or his ridiculous hair!  Which for God’s sake, can someone vote that kid off already?

Damn broken remote – it’s making me cranky.


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