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March 12, 2007

Boys vs. Girls

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One of my closest friends is coming to town with his kids. He has two girls approximately the same age as my two boys. (It’s actually sort of odd how similarly spaced our children are – it’s as if we were TRYING to copy each other). Our first children were born a month apart… so both are about 2.5. And our second children are just over 1. Both families are spaced about 15/16 months apart.

They live in St. Louis, so we have never gotten all the children together before. Once the older kids met when they were about 7 mos old. But never all four. Today they are coming to town and staying with me for two days. And I can’t wait to have them here and watch the mayhem unfurl.  Four kids under the age of 2.75… yeah… it’s going to be crazy.

Since we are both the stay-at-home parent in our households we often swap boy stories vs. girl stories. I am constantly laughing, when I imagine him with his girls holed up in the house all day… because I know my boys would never tolerate that with their activity level. Likewise, he laughs at the image of my boys rolling around in the dirt and ramming things with their trucks, because his girls are occupied with other things like dolls & puzzles. They will actually snuggle on his lap in the morning and watch TV while he checks email and drinks his coffee.

Now THAT is the sort of behaviour I hope rubs off on my kids while Clara & Kate are visiting.

I intend on videotaping every minute of the visit so we can later discuss our theories on testosterone vs. estrogen when the kids are in bed. It’s almost like a mini-science-experiment. This is going to be hilarious.


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  1. i would really like to see the videotape. hope everything works out great.

    Comment by Regina — March 12, 2007 @ 12:06 pm |Reply

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