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March 11, 2007

Your time will come…

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The other day we were early to music class. While we waited, we played on the grass patch between the classroom and the parking lot. As usual, Andrew found a stick in the grass. With stick in hand, he proceeded to try to dig up the grass – which I stopped because it’s not our grass. But we still had five minutes to kill, and he wanted to do something with that stick.

So he started banging on the wall with the stick. Of course, I stopped him, because that is not appropriate. But we still had 4 minutes to kill, and he clearly needed to find something he could bang on because the urge wasn’t going to go away until it was satiated.

So I pointed him to a steel post over in the grass (far away from the classroom) and told him to have at it. He happily went over and beat it senseless. He was occupied. No one was getting hurt.

However, when the kids and their mothers came out of class and witnessed my child hauling off on the steel post… you could immediately tell which mothers had children 2.5 or older… and which mothers did not.

The mothers with children 2.5 or older – didn’t even blink an eye at seeing Andrew’s antics. Especially the mothers that had little boys around the same age. Many smiled knowingly, and said hi. Others just seemed oblivious and went on their merry way – as if it was as normal as the sky being blue.

The other mom’s looked at me like I was insane. Those were the ones with younger children. I saw one mother walk clear around me in a 20 foot pattern for fear that my child would turn on hers and start beating him instead of the pole. While she did this, she glared at me. I recognized the glare. I am sure I have given it before when my children were younger and I witnessed an older child doing something that seemed crazy at the time.

I just stared her down and silently said… your time will come my dear. Your time will come. That little boy who is holding your hand so sweetly right now, who is clearly 1.5, will soon be this child you see before you. And you too will be stuck in a parking lot one day … with a stick … and a pole. When that day comes, call me. I promise I won’t glare at you.


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  1. So true, I so often feel that way, except for those with either one kid or kids very far apart. When I am trying to chase one kid without losing sight of the other, or when they are battling each other with those sticks, I fear their time will never come 🙂

    Comment by Nicole — March 14, 2007 @ 12:33 pm |Reply

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