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March 8, 2007

Finding my blog

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When you use WordPress to host your blog, you can see what searches were done that day that brought people to your site. Often they make me chuckle, so I thought I would share a few.

‘ladies who gush’ – That must have been from the post I did about Justin’s large bald head which screams ‘rub me’

‘mothers organizing cleaning’ – Humm, yes, it’s true. I am compulsive about it. Did I really give off that much of a vibe?

‘Help my 6 yr old wakes up 3 or 4 times a night’ – God I feel sorry for this parent who is searching for help on this one.

scrub floor slave pics‘ – Okay that must have been from my post about Andrew doing the dishes. However, is that really what having your child help with the dishes is now being considered?

‘how come the garbage trucks pop’s bags’ – Huh? Jerry the garbage man will not be pleased that his garbage truck apparently pop’s bags? And what in the heck would a garbage truck be doing picking up a bag anyway… why not a trash can?

‘goat climbing structures’ – Seriously, what? Can’t figure out that one & how it relates to me

‘boob grab’ – Okay that I can see. My kids have done that. I am sure I wrote a post about my complete humiliation.

‘Andrew & Justin – Every time we touch’ – Hum, let’s hope they weren’t looking for my Andrew & Justin.

‘naked boy’ – This is disturbing and has me convinced never to post pictures of my children even half-undressed.

‘i touch myself wien pier’ – YUCK. YYYYUUUUUUCKKKK. What in the world did I write that caused this search to bring me up? And how can I undo it?


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