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March 7, 2007

the next American Idol

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Apparently Justin has been getting a lot of video time, and someone in the household is not happy about it.

Often I find Andrew glaring at me whenever I run for the video camera or normal camera. His question always is “what are you doing mom?” Voiced in a tone that implies: that had better be for me or there is going to be trouble. In the past, the digital spotlight has often been shining on him. But in recent days, Justin is getting a little face time, since he just started running and talking a lot. This is not sitting well with the Star of the house.

Sometimes he’s okay. He will actually say to me … ‘Mom go get your camera, Justin is walking’. But other times he will do something crazy and say .. ‘mom, take a picture of me, I am standing on the window sill’.  (Yes, he actually was standing on the window sill.)

Sometimes he likes to help, and will watch the video screen while I video tape something. That is always fun. I think he thinks he is getting away with some extra TV time.

This time however, he was very deliberate in what he wanted to do. He wanted to have his fair share of the spotlight & there was no taking it away from him. He had a routine he had been practicing (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), and he insisted upon being video taped while doing it. AND, he wanted to watch himself in the video screen as he performed.

It was all very American Idol… now I just need Simon Cowell to crush his spirits by telling him he didn’t get the words right or his outfit was too colorful.


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