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March 6, 2007

Customer Service A+

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I often find customer service lacking in retail. It seems that salespeople these days rarely smile. They usually looked bothered when you ask them a question. They often don’t want to help you & just point you in the direction of the thing that you are looking for. And when you finally do find what you are looking for, they then want to take credit for helping you… because they get commission. All in all, I usually find it very irritating.

However, yesterday, the Gap FAR exceeded my expectations…. so much so that I had to write about it.

We had gone in to buy a pair of jeans. When we went to check-out, I handed the guy the pants and my $50 gift card. The salesman explained there was a sale, and since I was buying two pairs of pants… I could get two shirts for %50 off. So I thought, why not? We could use some shirts too… so I left the pants and my gift-card on the counter and went to town.

I don’t know why I did that. It was stupid. I should have never left the gift card on the counter. It’s like cash or a credit card… which I would never have left there. So why the gift card? Who knows. Nathan doesn’t remember me leaving it there. The salesman doesn’t remember having it. But I know I did.

In any case, when we came back with the shirts a while later… the gift card could not be found. I searched everywhere. It was gone.

The sales man was very sweet. He tried looking for it despite the LONG line that was backing up behind me. Then he told his co-worker. Together they found something that looked like my gift card in the garbage, but it had a zero balance. After trying to figure out if that was in fact my card, they finally decided they would call the store manager down.

The manager then called Gap’s corporate customer service department.

The line was still backing up.

At this point I should tell you that during this time, I had never once asked them to help me.  I had not asked for compensation.  I had not raised a stink.  I didn’t even looked pissed off… just embarrassed and frustrated at my own stupidity.    In fact, I had said very little at all, except ‘I am sorry’ as I continued to wade through my purse for the 100th time.   I guess they just wanted to help because they felt sorry for me?  I don’t know.

After about 20 minutes, the manager and sales person together bought me a $50 gift card using his own personal credit card. Yes, he took his credit card out of his wallet, paid for my gift card. And then handed it to me. They didn’t make me feel bad. They apologized the entire time. They let me use it for my purchase, and thanked me for coming in. They even told me that they were happy that they could have helped.

Seriously! I couldn’t believe it. It was totally my fault. I know it was. They know it was. I even told them that I would pay for everything anyway, no matter what the outcome, but they still tried to get me my money back. They didn’t have to believe me. They could have easily said that I didn’t leave the card there. They could have easily said that the card they found with the zero balance was mine and used already. But they didn’t.

I will always be going back to the Stanford Gap from now on. I haven’t been treated so nicely in a long time. I might actually start liking shopping if this attitude continues! Who knows the damage I could do then!


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